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Blog of the Week: Sweet Strawberries’ Blog!


Soft, red, plump and heart-shaped! Strawberries bombard the universe with sheer sweetness and innocent succulence. Sure, there are lots of other berries out there, but strawberries are so fabulously pretty and unique that botanists don’t even classify them as true berries! Unlike true berries like cranberry and blueberry that have their seeds inside, the strawberry has dry yellow seeds on the outside. These strawberries are adorably cute and charming that they are used for fashionable accessories and ornaments. This is what we think of Sweet Strawberries’ Blog—delightfully sweet, charmingly unique and fashionable! While her blog isn’t primarily about strawberries, we think that it adds a distinctive sweetness and certain cuteness to our day that is found only in strawberries.


Vist Sweet Strawberries’ Blog!


Did you know?


  • Rumor has it that strawberries were named long ago by English children who used to handpick the fruit, strung them on grass of straws and sold them as “straws of berries”.
  • Some historians speculate, however, that the name of the fruit was derived from the Old English streawberige, because the plant’s runners stray in all directions
  • On average, each strawberry has 200 seeds.
  • Strawberries are not berries. They’re actually from the rose family, and their actual fruits are the tiny yellow seeds on their outsides.


Stay sweet and charming and cute just like strawberries, Sweet Strawberries!



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Blog of the Week: Nanao’s Cosplay Research!


For the last two decades, we have seen how Cosplay has become immensely illustrious, gaining international recognition and popularity. Cosplay or “Kosupure” is one of the ever-flourishing exports of Japan. It is no longer just a pastime or merely a hobby; it has grown into a subculture of its own. Many people consider Cosplay as a form of art—from the hand-crafting of the costumes and accessories to memorizing their chosen character’s expressions and taglines and impersonating them accurately in conventions.  In some cases, people treat cosplaying as a way of life. Cosplayers are not merely people in costumes attending otaku conventions or parading the streets; they invest a great deal of time and money perfecting their cosplay wardrobes and costume ensembles. As cosplay has gained independence from anime and manga, trends and the characters portrayed have become more diverse.

Cosplay has plenty of meanings, and perhaps the simplest and most concise is combining “costume” and “play” together, which means wearing a costume and role-playing in it. It is prominently known as a subculture in Japan centered on dressing up as fictional characters from anime, manga, video games, and less commonly, real people like members of Japanese rock music bands, J-pop idols or actors from live TV shows and movies. Recently, Cosplay has been expanded to simply mean wearing attention-getting costumes and existing fashions such as EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita), Harajuku Street and Cyber Punk, Decora and Visual Kei. Yearly cosplay parades are held in Akihabara District in Tokyo and Nipponbashi in Osaka. Cosplay has become undeniably a popular performance art that there are now Cosplay schools in Japan devoted to teaching students costume-design, hair-styling and make-up, accessorizing, as well as how to pose in professional photoshoots!

Three years ago, we chose Nanao’s Cosplay Research for the Blog of the Week—it’s a blog dedicated to the art and culture of cosplaying, featuring fabulous pictures of cosplayers from all around the world. We are happy to know that she’s still at it!


Visit Nanao’s Blog: Nanao’s Cosplay Research!


Keep up the good work, Nanao, and we hope to read from you still three years from now!

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Blog of the Week: Kat Cupcake!


When you stare at a pretty cupcake, you’ve just got to smile. That’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon Kat Cupcake’s SanrioTown blog! Cupcakes or fairycakes are dainty cakes often wrapped in thin paper or aluminum cups. These charming little cakes are notorious for being manipulative, especially to those who have a sweet tooth—you just can’t resist them!



While the blog is not all about cupcakes, it does remind us of one—sweet, charming, with pink frostings and cute decorations. Her blog entries are likely to add a little sprinkle of sweetness into your day! So, to thank Kat Cupcake, we made her journal the Blog of the Week, and we even wrote a cupcake haiku for her!




“Handfuls of Heaven

Portions of sweet indulgence

Cupcakes forever”


Visit Kat’s blog: Kat Cupcake!


Stay sweet and cute and charming, Kat! Just like cupcakes.

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Blog of the Week: USO YUMMY!


The belly rules the mind! Food is our common ground, a universal experience, and there is no love sincerer than the love of food! So the blog of the week today is no other than USO YUMMY, where food meets the tongue! The blog’s author, Shiro, seems to have a passion for all things yummy and delicious. Not only that his blog features detailed reviews of restaurants and the food that they serve, but he also includes plenty of mouth-watering pictures of food! I bet you’ll get hungry by just staring at those pictures.


Tasty-looking “Mountain Rolls”!

That just looks delicious, doesn’t it?


Visit Shiro’s Blog: USO YUMMY!

Keep up the good work, Shiro! We look forward to reading more from your food blog!

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Blog of the week!


Acton is one of our SanrioTown male bloggers and he is also a loyal Hello Kitty fan! He plays HKO, create Hello Kitty artwork, and collect Hello Kitty goodies. Here is his avatar in Hello Kitty Online - If you see him in game, don’t forget to say hi and share your Hello Kitty news! =)

Adult Male Kittyler

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