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Blog of the week - “Welcome to Mercy’s Blog!”


Our featured blogger for this week is none other than Mercy - one of our youngest members in the community!

Reading one of her entries was truly an inspiring sight.  She started singing as early as five and had much experience in recitals since then.  One time, she auditioned in “Kidz in Media” but didn’t get a call back from the agency.  However, that didn’t break our little Mercy’s spirit because deep inside, she knew she did well so she continued to keep her chin up! She’s seven years young now by the way but she certainly acts like a fine young lady, doesn’t she?

Read her life’s adventures by visiting her blog!

Cathy’s Thoughts


cathyziqinxie_blog.jpgCathy’s Thoughts“, by cathyziqinxie, is a great blog to check out for the book lovers and aspiring authors out there! Her journal contains interviews of published writers, particularly from the young adult fantasy genre, which she herself has conducted! The interviews are definitely something you shouldn’t miss, not only if you’re a fan of the authors she’s featuring, but also because they give tips for the writers out there on how life is like in writing the books: from the conceptualization of ideas to the actual publication of the material. Cathy also blogs about personal events, which allow readers to take a peek on what it’s like to be like her.

Be sure to check out the blog at

Yurika’s Dreams


Meet yurika, this week’s featured blogger.”Yurika’s Dreams” is a personal blog of Yurika, where she keeps snapshots of herself and tells stories about what’s going on in her life. The tone is casual and easy to read, and just about all of her entries come with a corresponding picture of herself.

You can visit the blog at

My Kitty Blog


hellokittysuperstarblog.jpgThis week’s featured blogger is definitely a big fan of Hello Kitty and Sanrio!”My Kitty Blog“, by hellokittysuperstar, is definitely the place to be for Sanrio fans. Most of her entries are all about the adorable characters, complete with pictures. If you still need more doses of cuteness, she also has puppy pictures to show her readers! She even has her own arts and crafts stuff to show off on her blog!

Be sure to check out hellokittysuperstar’s blog now at

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