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mama1’s blog


mama1.jpgThere are a bunch of stuff out there that bears Hello Kitty’s face all over the world, ranging from cute to quirky, and it seems that this week’s featured blog is to look for all these things and feature them on her blog.

mama1’s blog” is really a collection of images, some expected, others unlikely, with Hello Kitty emblazoned on them. From the conventional items like clothes and stationery to atypical ones, like food and musical instruments, even zodiac signs, you can see them all here!

You can check out mama1’s blog on




By now, you’ve probably heard of the character blogs here on SanrioTown. If you love them, then you’re definitely going to like this week’s featured blog, because it not only features at least two characters, it also has the actual (human) author posting her thoughts as well! 

SHINELLY!!!” is virtually a creative hodge-podge: not only does the blogger write as herself, she also created the characters Shinelly and Heather Sketch, who interact with the other SanrioTown character blog writers. This isn’t her only creative venture though: the blogger also posts some drawings she’s made, as well as recolors of already existing popular characters.

You can check out shinelly’s blog by going to

Adult Male Kittyler


Meet acton, another one of our male SanrioTown bloggers!

Adult Male Kittyler” is acton’s blog to showcase his hobbies, such as his Hello Kitty/Sanrio collection and anthropomorphism. It’s really an interesting blog to read, especially since it gives us information and trivia about various conventions, including anime and furries. It even features Hello Kitty Online (HKO!)

You can check out acton’s blog by going to

ccomotti blog


ccomotti_icon.jpgSanrio’s known worldwide for the various cute characters they come up with, but there are also a variety of adorable stuff out there, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s easier to search for these! This week’s featured blog’s seeming goal is to feature all of them, so let’s see what these are!

ccomotti blog“, by ccomotti, is a collection of cute stuff, most of which can be seen online, but some images are also taken from things encountered by the author in real life. If that’s not enough, her entries are always filled with the most adorable icons that you will see, adding a dash of happiness in her posts.

Check out cccomotti’s blog by going to

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