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♪Magg!E ღ


Meet Maggie, this week’s featured blogger! Her blog, “♪Magg!E ღ“is a cool mix of stuff: it’s a personal blog + art blog + music blog all rolled into one! Her artwork includes self-made photos, videos, and drawings, all of which are really cool.

Check out her blog by visiting

Bean’s Fun Blog˜


bean.jpgThe cute, the fun, the quirky - and it’s all in one blog! Check out “Bean’s Fun Blog~” and see all the great stuff the blogger has in store for you!

The cool thing about this blog is that it is essentially a collection of novelty items: stuff ranging from the cute to the curious to the absurd can be found in the blogger’s entries, making for one fun blog.

Check out Bean’s blog by going to

Spottie Dottie’s Fashionable blog


spottiedottie.jpgHere’s another Sanrio character roleplay blog for you to enjoy reading!

Meet Spottie Dottie  through her fashionable blog, as she joins the ranks of KeroKeroKeroppi, Mimmy White, Pink Bear,Lily Cat, and a bunch of other characters (Sanrio or otherwise) as they roleplay their way through the SanrioTown blogs. The great thing about these kinds of blogs is the interaction that the “characters” have with each other: it’s fun to see how they create a different world that they all could understand and have fun in.

Check out Spottie Dottie’s blog by visiting

*~PrinCess MiHaRu~*


princessmiharu_blog.jpgSerious Hello Kitty item collectors and self-proclaimed foodistas, you might just find yourselves facing serious competition with this weeks featured blogger!

*~PrinCess MiHaRu~*“, authored by the blogger who has the same monicker as her blog title, is an absolute haven for Hello Kitty collectors and for those who love going on food trips, so much so that practically all her entries have one or the other. Add that to the fact that the blogger’s fun personality shines through her posts and we definitely have a winner in her blog.

Get to know princessmiharu by visiting

Somewhere far and beyond


neohin.jpgFood, toys, and overall cuteness - and all of these can be found in one package!

Check out neohin’s “Somewhere far and beyond” blog, an online journal that has all of these. Fans of old-school toys and cartoons can also get a kick out of the stuff the blogger has featured here, because they’re things from the not-so-recent past.

You can check out the blog at

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