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Envoy from the dark abyss.


swt_hankoteki-chan.jpgEnvoy from the Dark Abyss“, by swt_hankoteki-chan, is a really fun and cutesy blog in the truest sense of the word: from the cute anime and cartoon icons used to start off each entry, to videogames, to food, to accessories, it’s got a little something to offer for everyone.
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The Flight of the Mochi


flyingmochi.jpgFun, fashion and food. What’s there to hate? This week’s featured blog has all these and more, so for those who love all three, you definitely have to drop by to take a look at it!

The Flight of the Mochi“, by flyingmochi, is one of the blogs with entries that a girl would definitely love to read up on. The online journal is The author’s (online) shopping finds are the main focus of the posts, and these aren’t just limited to clothes! We aren’t going to tell you what’s on her shopping cart though, you have to visit her blog to find out!

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bubblegum.jpgCuteness makes our lives better, even for just a little bit: problems fade away temporarily when we see something adorable, and seeing something fluffy and huggable makes us smile. Have you had your dose of cuteness for today? If not, how about checking this week’s featured blog to get it?

Bubblegum“, by bubblegumlove, stays true to its tagline “Everything Kawaii”, because just about every entry practically oozes of cuteness. From food to plushies to doodles to pets to clothes, you’ll be hard put to deny that the posts the writer has made is anything other than adorable.

You can visit the blog by visiting

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