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Fosters Home and Kuromi Lover’s Blog


What’s the one thing that binds SanrioTown members together? Their love of Sanrio characters, of course! This week’s featured blogger is no exception, and she shows her love for her favorite characters in a very creative way: be creating stories with them as the main cast!

Fosters Home and Kuromi Lover’s Blog“, by kuromi_lauren, is a blog whose posts are almost purely composed of fanfiction that revolves around popular Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll, as well as characters that the writer herself has created. The stories are light and funny, fun reads for all the Sanrio fans out there.

Be sure to check the blog out at




After shesroyaltee, we have another royalty featured as the latest addition to SanrioTown’s Blog All-Stars! Want to know who it is? Read more and find out!

SuperKawaiiLicious“, by Princess Zoani, is true to its name, because it features a lot of cute stuff: from funny icons to adorable animals to pop culture phenomena. This blog’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re a teen or a tween.

Check out the blog at

Butterfly★Labyrinth ~迷宮バタフライ~


meikyuubutterfly.jpgAnime, music, language, and Japan fans, make sure you check this week’s featured blog, because it’s going to be catering to your interests!

Butterfly★Labyrinth ~迷宮バタフライ~“, by meikyuubutterfly, is a blog that contains translations by the author herself of Japanese songs, whether J-Pop or those that have been used in animes. Most of the translations made are from Kanji to Romaji, but she also gives the English interpretation in some of her entries. It’s definitely an interesting blog to check out, and you might pick up a lesson or two as you browse through her entries.

You can check out the blog at

Xexart Artist Blog


xexart_icon.jpgArt is meant to be shared to the world, and that’s why we chose this week’s featured blog: because the blog itself is a collection of artwork made by the blogger!

Xexart Artist Blog” is practically a virtual portfolio, showing artwork made by Xexart. While a lot of the creations show catgirls, there are also other designs and works that would interest art lovers. You can check out the blog by going to

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