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“Blog de Lydie”


Blogs are commonly used as outlets of their writers to express their thoughts, share their opinions, and generally be something that they can use to speak out, and this week’s featured blogger is no exception, as she made use of her blog as the sounding board of the things in her head.

Blog de Lydie“, by hasegawa_sayuri, is a life blog of sorts: it narrates the things experienced by the blogger in her life, whether these be about cute animals, school, relationships, hobbies and interests and such. A lot of her entries include her reflections about her experiences, which make the reader himself/herself think as s/he reads through what she’s posted.

To check out the blog, please visit

Victorsaurus's Blog



We’ve got another male blogger added to the roster of members of the Blog All-Stars for this week, and he’s definitely an avid Sanrio fan, going where most fans have not gone to: collecting!

It simply can’t be denied that the author of “Victorsaurus’s Blog” is a Sanrio, because his blog is full of features about it! From news features to pictures, his online journal is definitely brimming with Sanrio goodness. A definite must-see on “Victorsaurus’s Blog” would definitely be his expanding Sanrio collection, which doesn’t just feature Hello Kitty, but crowd favorites Kuromi, Badtz-Maru, and Cinnamoroll, with items including pens, stickers, keychains, video games, plushies, towels, and more! Sanrio stuff aren’t just the only things he has though, because he also has a collection of cute items featuring well-known characters.

You can check out his blog at

Sanrio&PPG Blog


We know that Hello Kitty’s face has adorned various gizmos, gadgets, and a whole lot of other stuff, but do we know just what and how many these are? Take a look at this blog and see a person’s attempt to trace what exact things the world’s well-loved white feline has appeared in!

Sanrio&PPG Blog“, by rockstarcupcake, is a blog that features just about the quirkiest Hello Kitty items that you could possibly think of. From exhaust pipes to fire extinguishers, from warming blankets to hand warmers, this blog has and is presenting a lot of Hello Kitty items ranging from quaint to peculiar that Hello Kitty fans would definitely go after.

To check out the blog’s featured items, you can go to

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