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red_hiko.jpgA great thing about Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is that players from all over the world get the chance to meet and make friends with each other. Sometimes, though, the hustle and bustle of accomplishing quests in-game might keep people from learning about the person behind the avatars, so it’s always great when they come up with blogs to give their friends a chance to get to know them better. Such is the case for this week’s featured blog.

JamJam!!!“, by red_hiko, is a blog that talks not only about the in-game experiences of the HKO player JamJam, but also who she is outside of the game. She blogs about her hobbies, interests, and such, so it’s nice to have a clearer idea on who the person is.

To check out the blog, please visit

Cyndle’s Blog



What are the signs that indicate that a person is a Sanrio fan?a. The person buys Sanrio merchandise.

b. S/he is part of SanrioTown and plays Hello Kitty Online.

c. S/he creates stories/news about HKO for the love of the game.

d. All of the above.

If your answer’s D, congratulations! You are or just like this week’s featured blogger!

Cyndle’s Blog” is very interesting to read, probably because while the blogger has only fairly recently discovered Hello Kitty and Sanrio, she’s more than making up for it in the things she’s doing, as she shares on her blog: collecting Sanrio items (even a scrub suit featuring KeroKeroKeroppi), actively participating in the Happy Hearts Event of Hello Kitty Online, and even creating a funny newsletter featuring Sanrio characters. She might not be the longest fan of the franchise, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her Sanrio stuff.:P

You can check out her blog at

An American Turned Japanese Mommy


Mothers’ Day is just a month away, so  why not have an early celebration of that special day by featuring a proud mommy’s blog with her one-year old son as the star of it?

An American Turned Japanese Mommy“, a blog owned and maintained by tchan0821, has its title expressing exactly the status of the blogger: she’s an American woman who is currently based in Japan, where her husband works. Her entries talk about her adventures in Japan, especially in her being immersed in the culture. The blog’s center, however, is definitely Yosei, her adorable one-year old son. In fact, a lot of her entries feature her child in various photos (definitely a sure sign of being a proud mommy!), all of which would make anyone who has a heart go “Aaaawww!”

You can check out her blog by going to



Do you have the 11 key letters to solve who the Mysterious Egg Thief is? Unscramble the key letters you got from the 11 puzzles you previously solved and find out which Sanrio character took Hello Kitty’s Easter Eggs!
___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___

You may now email us with your answer to the main puzzle and subpuzzles.  Please follow the correct format in sending your emails.  The instructions on how to send your answers to us are in the SanrioTown main blog.

Subpuzzle 11 (Final Subpuzzle)


It was the Japanese-American friendship day. The Japanese representatives chose the American Museum of National History as the place to do their program. The Japanese carried with them some of their national treasures and displayed it in the museum, covered in expensive silk fabrics, till it’s ready for viewing. But the night before the day the national treasures are ready for viewing, one of the treasures were stolen. It was the samurai sword “Kotetsu.”After the investigation, the police asserted that they have 5 suspects for the case. Surprisingly, all the suspected people are students coming from the same school belonging to the same class. The students are My Melody, Kiki, Badtz-Maru, Lala and Pochacco.  Here are their statements. Listen to them well, detective:

My Melody: I was at the museum researching something for my project. I was there till that time because I was waiting for my parents to fetch me. It was probably Lala who stole it because she’s interested in the samurai culture very much.

Kiki: I was with Badtz-Maru and Lala all the time. We 3 took constant breaks at the museum’s cafe. If you’re gonna ask me if there was something odd with Lala, well, she was going to the comfort room very often that night. But still, she left the library with us and carried nothing but her books. 

Badtz-Maru: As Kiki said, we we’re just studying for the exams so that explains why we were there till that time. Something’s odd with Pochacco though: he had Manila papers, crayons and glue with him.

Lala: Okay. I admit I am very interested in the Samurai culture but I am no thief! I was taking constant breaks that time because it was very cold and I need to urinate. Also, how can I even leave the place without passing those sensors at the door?  

Pochacco: The reason why I was with art materials that time was because I had to do an oral report for our History class before the final exams. It’s not true that I wasn’t researching for it. I already did my research on the museum the night before yesterday. Besides, why would I be interested in an old, reddish, sword? I have no interest in swords.

So, who stole the treasure?

KEY LETTER: The second letter of the answer to this puzzle is a keyword to the main puzzle!

Congratulations! You’ve found the final subpuzzle! Check out the next entry and solve the main puzzle! Solve who stole Hello Kitty’s Easter Egg

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