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Komori’s Forest


rosiethorns.jpgWe’ve got another Hello Kitty Online player as our featured blogger today! This time, we’re featuring the blog of a girl who’s got awesome skills in art, and she’s using her talent to bring a whole new level to Sanrio land!

Komori’s Forest“, like most blogs of HKO players, are filled with the game player’s tales of her adventures in-game. The difference is, the blogger, Ai Len (and not Komori or Rosie, according to her :p), adds a personal touch to her HKO entries: she draws a lot of the stuff herself! The spider and the python are two of the characters that haven’t escaped her talent, but the HKO creature/pet that is arguably the star in her posts is the famous pink dino, drawn in many moods and situations. The blogger even drew her own avatar too, and all of its purple-haired glory is also prominent in her entries. Her blog is really quite amusing to read because of these illustrations and little add-ons, because they add spice and fun to her posts.

You can check out Ai Len’s stories and illustrations by going to



azog.jpgWe’ve brought to you the_otakutopian before, here’s your chance to meet another one of the better-known male players of Hello Kitty Online (HKO), through his blog!

Azog” is the name of both the writer and the blog itself. the blogger is a huge fan of Hello Kitty, and his blog is a testament of that, because aside from his HKO adventures, he also displays the Hello Kitty items in his collection. He also posts amusing and funny random entries, whether these be in the form of videos, anecdotes, and such. What makes the blog a gem, though, is the fact that he shares his life to the readers of his blog. Just by reading his posts, you’ll get to see what kind of person he is, and we think that’s awesome.

You can check his blog out at



peaceadvance.jpgCuteness is what Sanrio is all about, so it’s no surprise that the Sanriotown bloggers have incorporated adorable layouts and themes of their own making to their blog posts, not only to add more fun to their entries, but also to give us a hint of their personalities. This week’s featured blogger is definitely one of them, as her blog has both a whimsical and cutesy vibe going on.

This week’s featured blog is “○ PEACE ♡ ADVANCE ○“, and it’s true to its name, because when you visit the blog, there’s this sense of peace it gives off.

The biggest highlight of the blogs would be the cute icons spread liberally over the entries. Sparkles, hearts, and rainbows are just some of the things that you’ll see liberally sprinkled in her entries, adding a touch of color and cuteness to her posts. Another feature that is worth mentioning is the poetry vibe the blog has. Maybe it’s in the structure of the blogger’s entries, or perhaps it’s in the choice of words used, but there’s almost a lyrical feel to it that draws people to read the entries more.

You can visit the blog at

^_^Eliza’s Blog^_^


jcdentry.jpg Ever wondered what it’s like to be homeschooled? If you’re someone who’s curious about this kind of schooling system (especially what with the advent of young celebrities being homeschooled these days!) then check out this week’s featured blog to know more about it.

^_^ Eliza’s Blog ^_^” is a blog of a homeschooler, jcdentry, and she mostly tells stories about her experiences as a homeschooled student. It’s a really interesting blog to read, because it gives readers a different perspective as to what homeschooling is about, like her stories of the events they have, like scouting, laser tag, drama classes, and such.

To check out her blog, please go to

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