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Arcsis’s Blog


arcsisicon.jpgWhat do gaming, Hello Kitty, and Robert Downey have in common? How about anime, Japanese, games and just about everything related to Japan to betta fish? These are just some of the topics discussed by this week’s featured blog!

Arcsis’s Blog” is a blog that talks about a wealth of subjects. It’s very instructive, from giving lessons in speaking and writing Japanese to taking care of betta fish, this online journal gives interested readers tips and advice on how to learn more about these things in detail. Don’t mistake “informative” for “dull” though: this blog pulls you in not only because you get to find out about stuff on it, but also because the writer added her very own personal touch on it: blurbs about her life are added on to the entries, always in relation to what she’s talking about. The fact that the icons she uses to start off her entries are mostly Hello Kitty doesn’t hurt, either!

You can check out “Arcsis’s Blog” by visiting

★☆rin_様 hko quest guide♥♡


rinsama_icon.jpgA great thing about Hello Kitty Online is that it gives opportunities for the players to be friendly and helpful with each other. In fact, that’s one of the goals of the MMORPG, to go and get the members to get to know each other and become friends. This week’s featured blog is an example of that, as it is not only written by one of those participating in HKO,’s Founders’ Beta but it’s actually made so as to help the other players out as they play the game!

The great thing about rinsama’s “★☆rin_様 hko quest guide♥♡” is that it’s not just the writer’s narration of her experiences in HKO (though we love reading on that too!) - a lot of the posts are written so as to be able to help other players out when they play the game. An in-depth quest guide is provided - it doesn’t just list down what are the stuff that you need to get, but it also notes down where to get these items and who to talk to to be able to get the quest. It’s a very helpful blog, especially for those who have just come in to play the game. Another thing that it features is that the blogger connects members of her guild in the blog, so it’s also definitely something that you should go and check out.

You can go and check out rinsama’s tips on playing HKO by going to

Tidesong’s Teahouse


tidesong.jpgFounders’ Beta is off to a roaring start! A lot of our members are blogging about Hello Kitty Online, and this week’s featured blogger is no exception! She is such a fan of HKO that she actually had amigurumi creations of some of the MMORPG’s characters!

Meet tidesong of “Tidesong’s Teahouse“, one of Hello Kitty Online’s known players. She’s actually been in HKO since closed beta, and it’s great having her back here playing the game! Her blog’s really quite fun to read, not only because she has stories to tell about the game and has tips on how to play the MMORPG, but she also has shown her love for HKO in a different aspect of her leisure time: crocheting! Tidesong has created a lot of amigurumi based on the Hello Kitty Online creatures, such as the “boxpig” (as coined by GM Abby!), the starfish, and the hermit crab!

Check out here blog at

Meg’s Monsters


megarose_icon.jpgWhat’s Sanrio without its cute characters? Throughout the years, it has introduced dozens and dozens of adorable creatures for the world to love, from crowd favorite Hello Kitty, to cuties like My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Badtz-Maru, Mashumaro Nyanko, and KeroKeroKeroppi. What better blog to feature than one that introduces cute original characters of its own?

Meg’s Monsters” shows the most fantastical creatures that you would ever see: from food that talk back  to fruity animals to beings you won’t ever find in your backyard, you’ll be amazed at what designs megarose produces! Don’t let the concepts scare you: all her monsters are 100% safe (they’re definitely not the things that go bump in the night!) and 100% cute, perfect for the coming Halloween! We’re looking forward to seeing more of her creatures ourselves!

You can check out her blog (and meet new monsters along the way) by visiting

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