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It’s Lily Cat and That is That!


lilycat.jpgFrom the member who brought you Pink Bear comes another one of her new characters - and we love this kitten so much that we’re featuring her journal as this week’s featured blog!

It’s Lily Cat and That is That!” features lilybethflame’s latest character following Pink Bear: Lily Cat, complete with her family and her boyfriend Vito. Don’t mistake them to be mere kittens though, because with these two, teens can definitely relate to what it’s like to have adventures, hanging out with friends, and even being in love for the first time.

Check out the stories of Lily’s life (and even her best friend Pink Bear’s too!) by visiting

The Magical BunnyWinx Zone


bunnywinx.jpgThis week’s featured blogger is one of the biggest Sanrio fans we’ve seen in a while, and it’s not just because she’s here on Sanriotown! A self-confessed lifelong Sanrio fan, she definitely shows her love for the cute and cuddly kind with her entries and her collection!Bunnywinx

When you visit “The Magical BunnyWinx Zone” by bunnywinx, you can definitely see even at first glance that this blogger is a huge fan of Sanrio. The highlight of her blog is her Sanrio stuffies, ranging from the practical, like pens and pencils, to the unique (fuzzy socks, anyone?) She’s got a massive collection that would definitely make any fan swoon to see these. We’d also like to personally send a shout-out to BunnyWinx for winning a prize in the recently-finished Hello Kitty Online trailer contest. Congratulations, BunnyWinx!:D

You can check out her blog at



mondatime.jpgPuffer faces and strawberries. These are just some of the stuff that you’ll most definitely see in this week’s featured blog, Mondatime!Mondatime

Written by ichigoyummy (yep, she’s definitely a fan of strawberries!), this featured blog has pictures of her making a puffer face, playing with strawberries, or both! Another cool thing you could see on this blog are animated graphics featuring the blogger in funny pictures: with more strawberries, her cute doggie, and even Cinnamoroll!

Check out this blog at

Hello New Mommy!


Hello New Mommy!Every time we feature a blogger here on Sanriotown, we treat it as a mini-occasion because it’s a great opportunity for our great members to show their stuff. Today’s featured blog calls for a double celebration, because the writer not only is our star for the week, but she’s also a first-time expecting mommy!Hello New Mommy!

Hello New Mommy“, by mindy22, is a journal that narrates the writer’s stories about being a mommy for the first time. Her tales about her hearing her baby’s heartbeats for the first time, shopping clothes for her daughter, even her love story with her husband are enough to make one smile and lighten up the day. What makes her even cooler is that she’s been a fan of Hello Kitty since she was little (her Japanese grandmother might have something to do with it :P) and she wants her child to be raised on Sanrio too!

Check out her blog at

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