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My Little Twin Stars Haven


starrfire_icon.jpgFans who love the Little Twin Stars will definitely love this week’s featured blog, because it’s all about the siblings from Compassion planet!Starrfire

Starrfire’s blog stays true to its name: “My Little Twin Stars Haven.It’s not just the pictures of the siblings that you find online that you can find on this site though, because the blog author has also posted pictures of items from her very own collection, including mugs, pouches, stationery, figurines, charms, and more!

Check out her blog at



kurohiko.jpgAnimation, drawings, color, and cuteness. What could go wrong? We think… nothing! This great combination makes for an awesome blog, especially for the art lovers and striving artists out there.

許・美美“, a blog by kurohiko, features all her artwork, most noticeably of characters from the Sanrio anime “Onegai My Melody” featuring the likes of My Melody and Kuromi, other shows, as well as those from console games. Don’t let the title intiimdate you, because her entries are in English. Her take on these well-loved characters are different though: instead of drawing them as how they usually appears, she creates entirely different environments for them, creating her very own “What if?” scenarios. The result: great pictures you will probably never see anywhere else owing to the unique settings these can be found.

Check out her blog at

Fries and Ketchup


abbyfries.jpgI’m sure all of you are very excited about the upcoming Hello Kitty Online open beta, especially since some of you have gotten a taste of it in the closed beta. Our featured blogger this week will give you more details about it - and it’s none other than one of your beloved GMs, Abby!


Fries and Ketchup” (Abby loves fries with ketchup!) gives the latest news on HKO to those who are eagerly anticipate it. She also shares trivia, animation, and stuff not just about the MMORPG, but also about the Sanrio world in general. She’s also very helpful: she gives tips on how to make the most of your blogging experience in Sanriotown. She’s got the quirkiest ideas too: she loves HKO so much she gives instructions on DIY-HKO goodies for the people out there!

Check her blog out at

Kasumi and Ao-chan’s Randomness =D


Kasumi and Ao-chanSanrio’s known for its many unique characters, from white mouthless felines who speak from the heart to talking food, we’ve got a whole bunch of goofy, memorable icons that are loved by people all over the world. It’s no surprise that members of Sanriotown could also come up with their very own characters of their own, and this week’s featured blogger is one of them!Kasumi and Ao-Chan

Everyone, meet the little blue rabbit Ao-Chan! He’s a little blue rabbit who’s the best friend of Kasumi, and they share in writing entries for their blog “Kasumi and Ao-chan’s Randomness =D“. Ao-chan is actually a five-inch stuffed toy made by Kasumi, which she brings everywhere with her. He’s got his very own personality, having an unhealthy obsession for junk food and video games, does breakdancing, and a bit grumpy. He and Kasumi make for a great tandem, arguing to their heart’s content on their entries and having the time of their lives writing. If they’re not arguing on the blog, they tell stories of their adventures - and of them arguing while enjoying it too.:D

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