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The Blog of stories and randomness :3


kid_catJust about every person is creative: it just depends on what form it will appear in. Some are good at drawing, others in writing, there are also those who are involved with music, movement, and performing. This week’s featured blogger has a creative soul, as she not only can draw but also write short poems!

The blog of stories and randomness

The Blog of Stories and Randomness” is really interesting to read. She’s a self-confessed Sanrio fan who even came up with her own character as a result of her love for the cute things here. The most striking thing about her blog would be the cute pictures she’s drawn herself on her computer, usually featuring her cartoon version of herself and Cinnamoroll, her favorite character. She also tries her hand at poetry, posting some of her works on her blog. She also has amazing insights that is unexpected of a young person, but certainly not unwelcome.

You can check out her blog at

Ripplecloud’s HKO test blog


RipplecloudNow that we’re nearing the end of the Hello Kitty Online beta testing, let’s take a look back at what the testers experienced: from the point-of-view of one of the players herself! Ripplecloud’s blog is a great site to visit not only if you want to read up on HKO, but also to get a daily dose of amusement and cuteness rolled into one.Hello Kitty Online

Ripplecloud’s blog is not just a dry narration of what she’s experienced in the game, what places she’s visited there, the friends she made, etc. She tells all of these by adding her unique touch to it: not only does she share amusing stories about the adventures she’s had in the game, but she also adds images with very funny captions and dialogues. Imagine giving dialogues for the pets, online parties, GM encounters, mixed with goofiness and Sanrio characters and you’ll get an idea what this blog is all about!

Check out her blog at

♥ JAM!LA ♥


JamilaOur featured blogger this week is one adventurous girl! Not only does she hike, but she also does wallclimbing! Talk about a strong female - and she’s just in high school!Jamila

♥ JAM!LA ♥“, while relatively new in the blogging world of Sanriotown, already shows a lot of promise. Jamila has a lot of fun stories to share about her life, and even includes pictures of the adventures she’s had, like her wall climbing and hiking in Bryce Canyon. Like your typical teen, she also loves pop culture, especially music and TV shows, which she talks about in her blog. Her entries are light and fun, but her tone also invites you to read more to know about her stories.

You can check out her blog at You can congratulate her too, because she’s set to graduate from high school soon. Congratulations, Jamila!

Mikee’s Photo Blog


Mikee’s Photo BlogNature lovers, adventure seekers, and photography fans will enjoy reading this week’s featured blog! Not only does it have amazing images, but it also features beautiful scenery and roughing it up in the wild outdoors. Mikee's Photo Blog

Mikee’s Photo Blog” isn’t just your average photo blog. The featured photographs on the blog are usually from the writer’s adventures in trekking and hiking, so readers will be able to take virtual tours of scenic places, like the mountainside, the beach, lakes, and volcanoes. The photographs are amazing and make you feel part of the experience that the blogger has gone through. Residents of the Philippines (where the blogger is from) will appreciate the local sites more, while foreigners would get a sneak peek of what they can see if they’re planning to visit the country.

You can check out the blog by visiting

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