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Hello Peanut *^^*


Hello PeanutBoo! A lot of people at Sanrio Town have Halloween fever, and it spilled over on some of the blogs! From greetings to graphics to jokes, they’re getting into it, and this week’s featured online journal is no exception.

Hello Peanut *^^*, owned and maintained by od3sa, greets everyone a Happy Halloween with a homemade (?) “kitty o’ lantern” to “guide those that are lost.” We don’t really know if that’s going to be the case, but the carved pumpkin sure is cute!

She’s got a variety of fun entries aside from her Halloween post. According to her, she’s got “Project: Hello Kitty” going on, and she’s now pretty busy “kittifying” not only her blog, but her life too, even defending the little white cat from her friends.

Hello Peanut

Check her blog out by going to

Short Circuit


Short CircuitTechnology is used so that people will have easier and better lives - usually. While some gadgets are undoubtedly helpful in helping us with our tasks, such as computers and vacuum cleaners, and/or bring us simple joys, like MP3 players and TV sets, some just make you pause, maybe scratch your head, and think about why they were actually invented. This week’s featured blog directs the spotlight to some of the quirky items that have been made throughout the years that range from funny, to weird, to just plain out of the world.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit, as you probably already inferred, is not your typical gadgets blog. Sure, it features stuff that beep, light up, and burn up energy, but these aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill devices. Instead, these are items that the average person probably would not think of - until they actually encounter these. Want to understand what your cat’s trying to tell you? Get her a Meowlingual and you’ll be able to communicate on a different level - certainly with less scratching and hissing involved. Do you plan on going to outer space? Don’t forget to bring some QUID - intergalactic currency (we did say it’s out of this world). Do you want your alarm clock to actually make you awake and not just groggy? Get the flying kind and get an adrenaline rush chasing it to start your morning. All of these and more devices are featured on this blog, all presented in a fun and upbeat way, with pros and cons being given by the writer to show why you need (or not) these stuff. If this blog doesn’t make you rush to the closest electronic shop to pick up the latest quirky gadget, it will at least give you a few chuckles - and renewed faith in the human imagination.

You can check this blog out by going to

Sarah, Proud and Tall


Sarah, Proud and TallThere are a lot of animal lovers here on SanrioTown, some of which have already been featured as part of the Blog All-Stars here in the SanrioTown Main Blog, and this week’s “star” is no exception!

Meet shiningstarsarah, owner of the blog “Sarah, Proud and Tall”. While she doesn’t say it face up, we get the feeling that she really has a soft spot for animals, if her blog entries are an indication.

Sarah, Proud and Tall

Her entries are usually about her favorite animals: her dog Dixie and horses. Her love for the latter shows on her posts, because she not only talks about these in general, but she also gives information on what kinds of saddles are good and stories about her favorite horse.

Get to know Sarah and read her animal stories by going to

You Made What?!


You Made What?!This week’s featured blog has a little something for everyone: men and women, kids and adults, fashionistas and academic people, etc. This is a feat that isn’t that easy to achieve, not only because it’s hard to cover all bases, but also because a person might get confused with the hodge-podge of ideas and move on to a new article from another author. This week’s featured blog is able to accomplish this with flying colors.You Made What?!,” owned and maintained by yberry, is this week’s new Blog All-Star member.

You Made What?!
This blog caters to just about everybody because of its topics that are seemingly endless. From fashion advice and tips to trivia to unique food, “You Made What?!” got it covered. The owner includes witty commentaries in her entries to tell the world what she thinks about the topic she’s talking about.You can check the blog out by going to

•Days with Me, Zashikibuta•


Zashikibuta We have another Sanrio character deciding to take a shot at blogging, and we’re featuring him as our newest Blog All-Star member this week!Meet Zashikibuta, a little piggie who lives in countryside France with his little mouse friend Tabby. Of course, like the Keroppi journal, the writer of the blog • Days with me, Zashikibuta • isn’t the Sanrio character itself, but is roleplaying as him. As the author wrote (as Zashikibuta, of course), he and other Sanrio characters may have been forgotten by a lot of people already, so the blog is “his” way of bringing him back.

Days with Me, Zashikibuta

What’s cool about the blog is that the little moods are actually made by the author of the blog and are not pre-made, so readers will definitely see custom-made icons to actually represent what the entry is about.

Check the blog out by going to

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