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Chryssy’s Kitty Mania


Chryssy's Kitty ManiaPeople go in and out of SanrioTown every day, all of whom are definitely huge fans of Sanrio, no matter which character they like the most. However, there will always be the trademark that the company has, the icon that they’re most known (and loved) for: Hello Kitty! This week’s featured blog is definitely a Hello Kitty fan. Chryssy’s Kitty Maniais most definitely an online journal of a Kitty lover. From making petitions and community groups for Hello Kitty, to posting her favorite items with the white kitten’s face emblazoned on it, to online dolls, to software, she really goes all out for her favorite character!

Aside from entries featuring Kitty, she also has a bunch of other cute entries, such as those about scrapbooking, pets (both virtual and actual ones!), and online games.

Chryssy's Kitty Mania

An interesting thing about chryssy is that she’s middle-aged and still a great fan of Hello Kitty, proving that love for this little white cat goes beyond age and is an epitome for perpetual youth and fun.

Know more about her blog by going to

Seasonal Photo Journal


Seasonal Photo JournalPhotographs are such amazing mementos of some of the best moments in our lives. Whenever we might feel nostalgic, we can always bring these out and reminisce about the times when we’ve taken these pictures.In these modern times, it just takes a few clicks to access these images, and with an Internet connection, one can even share these memories with people, even strangers.Today’s featured blog is called “The Seasonal Photo Journal. The photoblog features images in virtually all entries, all of which have been taken by lenechan, who owns and maintains the blog. A lot of her pictures show really beautiful flowers of all sizes and colors. Some however, show scenes from trips she’s taken, and these make you feel as if you’ve visited the places yourself.Seasonal Photo Journal

The photographs are amazing, and it gets you the chance to see not only the places, but also gives you a peek on who the author is. See more of the photos at



~Stargazer~Femininity is a trait inherent in all females, no matter what their personality is. Whether they’re adventurous, artistic, fashionable, chic, preppy, intellectual, etc. every girl should love who they are, and this includes taking care of themselves both inside and out. This week’s featured blog celebrates womanhood when it comes to physical appearance. Girly girls would surely love this journal! ~Stargazer~

Fairlady-z’s “~Stargazer~is all about fashion, makeup, and anything and everything girly. Tips on how to use cosmetics, dress up, smell great, and generally enjoy your life as part of the “fairer sex” can be found here, as well as forecasts on what trends are being followed by the fashion hotspots of the world. Whether you’re a womanly woman or a girly girl, this blog will surely be of great help to you!

You can check it out at

The Unauthorized Froggy Journal


The Unauthorized Froggy JournalRibbit! Who says frogs are icky, slimy and disgusting? This week’s featured blog shows that not only can they be cute and loveable, but that they are also capable of having emotions too!

The Unauthorized Froggy JournalThe Unauthorized Froggy Journal is a blog written by a fan of Keroppi, and interestingly, the member writes from the perspective of Sanrio’s resident frog. What results are quirky and funny entries that show what goes on in the little guy’s head. The posts are many and varied, ranging from the thoughts going on in Keroppi’s head to what a frog’s life is about, from games and things featuring him and his family to his lamentations about being forgotten by his fans. The blog is really unique, not only because of its humor and its focus, but also because it gives readers a glimpse on how the little frog might actually be if he was actually real. Keroppi fans, both new and old, would certainly love to check this out, and maybe boost his confidence a bit by telling him that he’s not really forgotten and he is still loved.

Know more about this Keroppi and show your love for him by going to

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