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Java Jive


Java JiveCoffee is known as a yummy solution to sleepiness: waking people up and making them more alert and peppy. This week’s entry would make this beloved drink proud, because it can cause the same reaction - without bringing the nervous shaking caused by having too much of it, of course.

Java Jive

Called Java Jive, the blog isn’t just a mere monument to coffee and all the yummy goodies you can savor while enjoying your drink (although you will get to read up on these as well). Most of the author’s entries are actually tales about what’s going on in her life. Don’t mistake her stories to be just plain, boring narration though: like her favorite drink, her posts perk you up, because they’re highly interesting and very funny. A cool thing she does is that she also strikes through some of the stuff that she writes. Instead of making her entries look messy, it makes the posts even more humorous because it shows how she thinks, and stream-of-consciousness writing sometimes make for some verry funny reading. Capping it off are goofy pictures and videos that go with almost every entry, and make you enjoy reading even more.

Check out her blog by going to

Ranze’s Blog: I Heart Hello Kitty!



This week’s featured blog has the author sharing her love for Hello Kitty to the world. Ranze’s Blog: I Heart Hello Kitty! offers virtually everything that a Hello Kitty fan would absolutely love: Hello Kitty online quizzes, Hello Kitty toys, Hello Kitty emoticons, Hello Kitty comic strips… The cuteness just goes on and on! Other Sanrio characters like Dear Daniel and Cinnamoroll make cameo appearances too, but the cute girl feline takes center stage on this blog.

Ranze's Blog: I Love Hello Kitty!

Ranze also sometimes narrates the events going on in her life, such as a friend’s birthday celebration, school stuff, and stories about how her day went. These make for interesting reading, because it shows who the person is behind the Hello Kitty love.:P

Get to know her and check out more cute stuff by going to

That is Cute


That is CuteWe know that “honesty is the best policy.” This week’s featured blog takes this to heart (or its title), as it is simply called, “That is Cute.” Living up to its name, the posts are filled with a lot of cute stuff. Different adorable GIFs begin each post, which gives a reader a good start on the entries. There are a lot of Sanrio graphics that fans would love to check out, including those with Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, and Pom Pom Purin.It’s not just fun Sanrio stuff and animations that you should watch out for, though: books, websites, and animals are featured there as well, backing up the display with actual, meaningful content.

That is cute

You can check the blog out by going to

Through These Eyes


girlinblue.jpgPhotoblogs are a kind of online journals that mean exactly what they’re called: they’re blogs that feature a photo for almost every entry, with a corresponding decription or narration on why the picture has been posted.

Through These Eyes, owned and maintained by girlinblue, is an example of a photoblog, and the cool thing about it is that most photos are actually taken by the owner. There are no photographs of people - instead, nature shots can be seen, from a beautiful sunrise to a colorful sunset, from wildlife to trees and plants, there are a lot of very interesting pictures that one can find there.

Through These Eyes

Photographs aren’t the only things you can find in the blog, though: stories accompany each picture. If the shots are taken by her, she’ll tell the story behind the images. If the photos aren’t hers, she’ll explain why she chose these to be featured. Occasionally, she’d insert tips on how to take good pictures - something that aspiring photographers would be interested in.

To check her pictures and her blog out, you can go to

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