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Nanao’s Research


Nanao's ResearchCosplay, or costume play, is a rapidly-growing hobby (even considered as culture) all over the world. A combination of the words “costume” and “play,” this involves people dressing up as characters usually from anime, manga, TV shows, books, films, and video games. These past years, the number of followers have spread out, extending beyond Japan (arguably its place of origin), and penetrated through other Asian countries, even reaching the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Nanao has dedicated her blog to this culture. Posting pictures of cosplayers that she finds particularly interesting, she also gives an interesting narrative on what’s going on with the picture, and a short description of where the character that person is from.

Nanao's Research

The blog, called Nanao’s Research, currently has featured cosplayers of characters from anime/manga and video games. A lot of people have considered people who have this hobby as dorky, but the pictures that Nanao has posted show that they’re definitely anything but that! As the blog member state herself, “Cosplay is indeed about fun, but you must also consider how you look when you cosplay.” The photos she’s posted have all looked good and stayed true to the characters they’ve tried to dress up as.

The good thing about this blog is that she’s always on the lookout for intersting cosplay pictures, so if you want to be featured, or if you want to have your favorite picture posted on Nanao’s blog, just send her a message! Another thing to note of: as Nanao explicitly stated, she’s found these pictures on the Internet, so if you know who these cosplayers are, do inform her so she can credit them for the amazing work they’ve done.

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Misadventures of a Novice Knitter


Misadventures of a Novice Knitter

SanrioTown has a lot of members coming from practically all ages, anywhere in the world, and being interested in anything and everything (aside from Hello Kitty and her other Sanrio friends, of course!) No matter how different your hobby or interest may be, sooner or later, you might just find someone who’s as devoted to it as you are here. Such is the case with our blog feature this week!

During May, we featured a knitting blog called “Knittin’ with the Kitten.” Who would have thought that a couple of months later, we’re going to have another blog created by a knitting fan?:D

Misadventures of a Novice Knitter,” owned and maintained by akari_mizunashi. Don’t ever think that people who love arts and crafts are boring - she’s a living proof that artsy people are really fun! Her blog has got to be one of the more humorous here on SanrioTown, bits of witticisms inserted in just about every entry, and even in the pictures she attaches to her post. A reader of her blog will find it hard not to chuckle, because her descriptions, captions and edited images are hilarious.

Aside from knitting, the self-confessed “mini domestic goddess” proves her name right by also putting recipes and tales of her adventures in the kitchen. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill kind though, because she narrates this with the sense of humor that’s become her style of writing in her blog.

Adventures of a Novice Knitter

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KT Sanctuary


KT Sanctuary

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan on SanrioTown, you probably have heard of the KT Sanctuary Blog. The owner of the blog is obviously a Hello Kitty fan herself, as she features entry upon entry of quirky items that showcase the little white feline well-loved all over the world.

KT Sanctuary

The items that have been featured are a veritable A-Z showcase on what Hello Kitty stuff have been released. From appliances and accessories to fashion and food to toys and gadgets, as well as some information on what latest projects Hello Kitty is involved in right now, you’re sure to find them featured here! What makes the blog even more interesting is that most of the objects being featured aren’t typical, like candies or notebooks that have KT’s face on it. Instead, the items are fun and quirky, some of them probably the last things that would imagine Hello Kitty would appear in. Sanctuary’s truly the best description of this place, because it’s really a haven for the Kitty fans all over the world.

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LucilaPercy Bysshe Shelley once said, “Are we not formed, as notes of music are / For one another, though dissimilar?”

These words can actually be used to describe our featured blog for today. Simply titled “Lucila,” after the author’s name, the blog at first seems to be a combination of things that are relatively different from each other. Music, anime, videos, games, sports… These are just some of the topics that she tackles on in her blog.

Lucila SanrioTown Blog

However, when you read the entries, you’ll realize that it’s really all connected, not because of their topics, but because these are the interests of one person who not only loves these, but also enjoys writing about these things. Add these with occasional peeks on Lucila’s life and you’ll get to know about this person who has a zest for life and has fun with it.

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