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xoxo=Pink Spunk=xoxo


Just when you think you can’t find everything in a blog, along comes one that actually has all of the things you want - and more!

The author, mfly_88, is a self-confessed happy person whose approach in life is carried over in her blog, xoxo=Pink Spunk=xoxo . Her posts are all varied and interesting, making the reader come back for more of her writings.Aside from her “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ” entries (she admits to be into “Haruiism”), she also created different categories for her entries: anime, fashion, music (she uploads mp3s on her blogs), fun quizzes, videos, Hello Kitty, and Sanrio. Her posts aren’t impersonal narrations about the stuff she’s featuring, but are a commentary on what she thinks of these, so you get to know more about that person, as well as on what she’s talking about. Adding to that are her promised entries on her travels. She even has a wishlist of the items she wants to have, including Hello Kitty electric fans.:D

Pink Spunk

You can view her blog by clicking on the image or the blog name.

Knittin' with the Kitten



Cats and kittens aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing with yarn. This week’s blog entry shows that some Hello Kitty fans also have a fascination for fabrics - in knitting, of course!

Knittin’ with the Kitten, owned and maintained by deannac, a self-confessed Hello Kitty and knitting fan. She talks about her projects and her weapon of choice in tackling these: that’s right, Hello Kitty knitting needles!

As she herself said, Hello Kitty and knitting go together like “peanut butter and jelly, cornflakes and milk…” And, as she points out, a lot of knitters are actually Hello Kitty fans. Ever noticed how, in a crafts shop, a lot of patterns (and not only for knitting) are patterned after our London-bred White lass?

Know more knitting adventures by clicking on the blog title or the image above.

Sunny Side Up


The penguin who wants to be the boss of everything is again on the spotlight with this week’s blog feature.

Sunny Side Up” is a blog owned and maintained by iheartbadtz (notice how her name’s a dead giveaway of her favorite character?:p). Aside from her animated banner featuring our favorite mischievous penguin, her entries are also filled with images of Badtz-Maru that would make XO fans want to visit the blog.

Aside from the Badtz-Maru features, she also uploads her own short stories and some online quizzes that are really quite fun to answer.

You can view the blog by clicking its title or the image above.



Ever wondered how students in Asia are? With wing’s blog, you will be able to read a Chinese girl’s accounts of her life in school. She also has stories to tell about her friends, Hello Kitty, and all her other interests. Cute animated images round up the entire look of the blog, adding visual delight to the already good content of her entries.

You can view the blog by clicking on her name or on the image above.

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