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You’ll be looking at the world, er, blog with rose-tinted glasses with Rei Kuassary’s “@}~,~~roseate~~`~{@” blog.

“Roseate” is actually the perfect name for her blog, because it’s really all about pink! From her link banner, to font color, to her mood icons, it’s all positively screaming pink.:D All of rei’s posts

are about cuteness and fun, and the shade just adds to its fun factor.

You can check out Rei’s blog by clicking here, its title, or the image above.

Welcome to CherrieBerry's World


cherrieberry5.jpgOur featured journal for this week is a personal blog.With the cheery name, “Welcome to CherrieBerry’s World,” cherriechow proudly proclaims that her blog is all about her. Aside from narrating the experiences she’s had in school, she also makes short reflections about these, making her entries deeper with her insights. She also shares her personal opinions on a variety of things, from Valentine’s Day to keeping and telling secrets.

You can view her journal by clicking on the image or the blog title.

Stories of A Precious Stone


Talk about an active blogger! We’ve got stone_68’s Stories of a Precious Stone, who has kept and maintained her blog almost from the very beginning of when the service was first offered in SanrioTown.

The posts are very interesting, including stories about her travels, about dogs, and even her Hello Kitty dream items, all interspersed with narrations of her activities during the day.

It also talks about yummy food and tech gadgets. One great thing about the blog is that it has tons of pictures in the entries so that readers will be able to imagine more clearly the images going with the narration.

You can check out the blog by clicking on its title or on the image above.

Bad Badtz-Maru


badtz-blog.jpgNot only are we featuring a blog this week, we’re also putting the spotlight to one of the most loved Sanrio character: the spiky-haired, mischievous, black little penguin, Bad Badtz-Maru!

The blog, entitled Bad Badtz-Maru and owned by badtzmaru (what else? :P), virtually has XO running all over the place! All entries are focused on Badtz, which we know a lot of the penguin’s fans are going to love reading. It even includes a quiz about whether or not Badtz will for you, which is very fun.:D There are also special holiday and birthday greeting for our beloved XO.:D

You can check the blog out by clicking on the image or the link above.:D

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