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The Happyness Blog


happyness.jpgNo one can possibly resist smiling with today’s blog feature: the Happyness Blog. Owned by ilovetodance , just about anyone can’t help but smile at the title alone, and the posts stay true to this.

While it has nothing to do with the movie bearing the same word as in her title, her blog’s really very interesting. Most of the entries are focused on the anime and manga Fruits Basket, the entries also include interesting quizzes, a Japanese name translator, food, and even some tidbits about the user’s life. She’s even got an entry devoted to the definition of “kawaii”!

You can go to her blog by clicking on the link or the image above.

Dream Studio Stars


blog_sample3.jpgThe Director’s Club is the equivalent of the Blog All Star’s Blog. However, unlike this where we feature users chosen every week, Director’s Club has very stringent standards on who they’ll choose to be part of this very exclusive group. You can learn more about this by clicking on its link or the image below.



Just claiming this blog!

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Greening Pink


For someone who’s on the hot seat, angelfabad’s Greening Pink seems to want to conserve the heat, as much as she wants to preserve the environment. Her blog’s all about environmental awareness, from energy savings to consumption to global warming. It’s really a clear issue we all should be aware of, and it’s great that at least one of the Sanrio Town users is addressing it, at least one blog entry at a time.

Hello Kitty Paradise


Sanrio, soap operas, pop stars, movies, rants and raves are just some of the things on her agenda when tingal79 sits down to write a blog entry. She’s got a lot of topics on her journal, and it just makes people come back for more.

ღSweet Stephanieღ


We have ღSweet Stephanieღ, the user having the same name as her online journal. She’s got a ton of Sanrio images uploaded! The characters not only include popular ones like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuririn (all three just happening to be the accounts you can have on Sanrio Town P ), but also lesser seen ones like Pom Pom Purin, Chibimaru, and Cinamoroll.

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