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There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little - the book of Nature.”-Claude Debussy

What’s more breathtaking than a rich and gorgeous sunset, as the heavens turn gold and red, and the clouds frame the spectacular setting of the sun? Sometimes, we take the simplest things for granted. Once in a while, we need to sit back and just watch the world around us. Watching sunsets is a great pastime. It’s a daily occurrence when the setting of the sun colors the skies with intense red and orange hues, turning everything into a golden, dreamy world. Try it watching sunset some time and enjoy the magic it offers!

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Are you afraid of sharks? Have you already imagined what you’re gonna do if you happen to stumble upon one while swimming? That’s probably one of the scariest and nastiest things that could ever happen under the sea.


Shark attacks are just plain horrifying. Just imagine the shock if you come face to face with a great white shark underwater, displaying its multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth! The most dangerous sharks are great white sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks and oceanic whitetips! Luckily, attacks are also rare. Shark attacks happen to fewer than a hundred people a year.


In fact, they have more reason to be afraid of us. Each year, humans kill millions of sharks for their cartilage and for their fins that chefs use to make soup. Because shark parts are deemed to be valuable, some of their species, or kinds, get overhunted, which might lead to their extinction. We don’t want that, do we?




Friends from National Geographic give us some tips to avoid Shark Attacks!


Avoid murky waters, harbor entrances, channels, and steep drop-offs. These areas are frequented by sharks.


If fish or turtles start to behave strangely, leave the water. They may be behaving like that because there is a shark in the area.


Swim, surf, or dive with other people. Sharks most often attack individuals.


Don’t wander too far from shore. Doing so isolates you and places you away from assistance.


Do not splash around a lot in the water. Sharks are attracted to such activity.


If you cut or injure yourself in the water, get out! Do not stay in the water with blood around you.


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Unicorns are mythical creatures of great beauty, shrouded in mystery, magic and dreams. There are many depictions of the unicorn, but the most popular image of it is that of a pure white horse with silver mane and a single spiral horn jutting out of its forehead. The spiral horn of the unicorn was called the alicorn, and was rumored to possess magicks that could heal illnesses and neutralize poisons. Unicorns were said to have been hunted down to extinction for their magical horns that could heal and could earn one a lifetime of wealth and fortune. Though unicorns probably don’t exist in our world, perhaps somewhere, these impossibly beautiful creatures live and prance about—maybe in the kingdom of dreams, or perhaps in some distant, secret place where elves danced beneath the stars and fairies lured seekers and adventurers with a thousand secrets!


Fun Unicorn Facts

- There are seven famous Gothic tapestries that depict the hunt and capture of a unicorn.

- The Unicorn has been a part of the Royal Seal of Scotland since the 1300s. When James became king of both Scotland and England, he redrew the Royal Coat of Arms to include both the Lion of England and the Scottish Unicorn.

- Legend states that Noah excluded unicorns from the ark, thereby making them extinct today.

- There are a number of references to unicorns in the King James version of the Bible. Comparisons with older and newer versions translate “Unicorn” into “Bull” or “Oryx.”

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Imagine having a castle to yourself brimming with all things cute and all things Hello Kitty. Imagine living a lush and lucrative life where you get showered by Sanrio’s feline glamour. Have you ever dreamed of having a stunning abode crammed with adorable kittified furnishings and Hello Kitty-inspired interiors? Where food is garnished with Hello Kitty chocolate dusting and couches bear resemblance to the head of Kitty White? This is the dream of every Hello Kitty fanatic, and a resort in Taiwan (Uni Resort Mawudu in Hsinchu) made this dream come alive!

Welcome to Hello Kitty Castle, where cuteness and majesty meet, the envy and dream of all Hello Kitty fanatics! The castle has plenty of amazingly cute things in it. Every loyal Hello Kitty fan should someday visit the castle on a pilgrimage!



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Well, there’s a lot of personality quizzes out there on the net, but this one is really simple and fun to do! A personality quiz is normally a series of questions (usually multiple choice) that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them. Unlike the conventional personality quiz, however, this video does not require you to answer questions—it simply instructs you to draw a few objects, and the results depend on how or where you draw them! So why not grab a pen and a piece of paper, or maybe open up Windows Paint or any graphics painting program and take this awesome personality quiz?


Now draw…


a.)    Three flowers on leafless stems—each flower should be different in height. On one flower, add a leaf or two, and on another, draw a butterfly resting on its bud.

b.)    A single arrow.

c.)    A house with a path leading up to the main door. Draw a tree next to the house.

d.)    A fishhook and a fish.


Now watch for the results!



If you took the personality quiz, we would like to know the results, and you can post it on the comments section. You can even include a screenshot of your drawing to show everyone!




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