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Hey SanrioTownsfolk! The most celebrated holiday is fast approaching! Christmas is around the corner!

Grab the latest and cutest Christmas-themed downloads in SanrioTown now! Wallpapers, calendars and e-cards are only some of the things that you can download on the site. The best part is: they’re absolutely free! All you have to do is to sign into your SanrioTown account and head off to the Download Center! Click here to login to SanrioTown!

Don’t have a SanrioTown account yet? No problem! Click here to get your SanrioTown account now!

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Hello Kitty® Online is pleased to announce that you can now purchase limited edition in-game items to support breast cancer research and awareness!

Millions of women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. You can make a difference by purchasing the virtual Ribbon Awareness Tee and Ribbon Research Wand for 240 Sanrio Cash Points each or as a bundle for 390 Sanrio Cash Points. All of the proceeds from the in-game items will be donated by Sanrio Digital to the Massachusetts Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in support of nationwide funding for breast cancer awareness and research.

The items will be available all year-round to show Sanrio Digital’s on-going campaign to raise awareness and funds for important issues world-wide. Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is the global leader in funding life-saving breast cancer research. The organization has funded research that touched every major breast cancer advance of the past 27 years.

To read the rest of the announcement, please visit this link.
We look forward to working with all of the HKO players and Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight against breast cancer.

See you in-game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

Attention HKO Players!

Have you already checked out your Game Online Profile? You can access your Hello Kitty Online game account on SanrioTown by clicking on the “Game Online Profile” below the site banner.  From there, you can view your Hello Kitty Online character profile, your character’s stats, in-game buddies, farm, pets, and your in-game home! You can even access the Item Mall (Dream Shop) to purchase premium HKO stuff.

Visit your Game Online Profile now!

Do you remember eating lollipop for the first time?  You probably don’t, but whenever we see children enjoying lollipops, we probably get nostalgia from our childhood. Chances are, we still buy lollipop from time to time. Lollipops are a popular candy that is mounted on a stick and enjoyed by children and adults alike across the world. They’re made in a variety of shapes and come in different flavors.



We chose Lollipopsie’s blog as the Blog of the Week for she reminds us so much of sweet and tasty candies-on-stick!


The blog’s author, Lollipopsie, is from England, but she’s fond of the idea of living in Japan, as many of the things she likes comes from there. She wants to be a fashion designer someday, as she likes designing her own fantasy clothes and even has a little book where she draws outfit concepts into. She’s also a fan of Japanese lolita fashion, and like many other SanrioTown bloggers, is in love with the color pink (hot pink, specifically). Lollipopsie also likes Sanrio and Hello Kitty, reading, music, fashion, computer games, ice skating and roller skating!



You can read more about her blog here, and find out more about her sweet, cute and lollipop-like personality: ¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• lolliepopsie’s blog •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸


Always stay sweet, Lollipopsie!


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Hey, HKO players and SanrioTownsfolk!

Good day! The HKO event “A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online” has been marvelously fun and successful! We’re overjoyed to see that a lot of players participated in this event to share with us the magic of their day in-game! It was fun reading all those dreamy and fantabulous stories, and we hope to read more of them even though the event has ended.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the winners of A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online! Congratulations to:

Grand Prize Winner (Awarded 1000 Loyalty Points):

Anya’s Blog (http://blog.hellokitty.com/kongjai): “Starlight”


Runner-Up Winners (Awarded 500 Loyalty Points each):

Tacitala’s Blog of Nothing in Particular (http://blog.hellokitty.com/auntdotti): “Memoirs”

Rini (http://blog.hellokitty.com/bebex3): “The Vampire Entries”

ミク (Miku) (http://blog.hellokitty.com/hatsumemiku): “Troffle Curse/A Little Witch’s Diary”

We have also added the corresponding Sanrio Loyalty Points to each participant, so enjoy your SLP! If anyone has anyone has questions or problems regarding their SLP only for this particular event, you can reach us at marketing@hellokitty.com.

Thank you!


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