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Year Created: 2006

This is the tale of a couple of mice, who reside in a hotel that no one really knows much information about, not even how long it’s been there or who lives in it. It is found in the cold and snowy northern lands, half a day’s hard ride from the nearest village, in the deep woods and on the far side of the mountains.

Roberta is a prima donna ballerina, who is a little bit of a tomboy. she loves to dance!

Year Created: 1983

Birthday: February 2 (Belated happy birthday, Zashikibuta!)

Zashikibuta is a laidback pig who has an insatiable curiosity. He is always with his best friend Tabby, a mouse. He loves sweets and gardening.

His hometown is in a countryside in France.

Year Created: 2000

Birthday: March 3 (advanced happy birthday!)

Yonnari has lived in Kyoto all her life. She loves hanging out in her beautiful Japanese garden. She relaxes by resting on her purple beanbag.

Year Created: 1989

Winki Pinki is a cute little kitten who loves playing violin, dress-ups, tea parties, drawing, and collecting trinkets. She is very cheerful.

She was born right when the tulips were starting to bloom, and this is the reason why she loves flowers and nature. Her best friends are the flowers in the garden, the fish in the nearby pond, and a terrier, who she loves walking with in the garden.

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