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Join Kitty as she ventures into the cafe business in Hello Kitty Cafe.

Hire your favorite Sanrio characters to help you and Kitty run the day-to-day cafe operations. Turn your cafe into the cutest, coziest and happiest place ever!

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Greeting SanrioTown users! Kung Hei Fat Choi! We wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! We look forward to many fun times with you in this Year of the Rabbit! Share the luck and prosperity with your friends and loved ones by sending them a Sanrio e-card in our “Download” section! ^_^

Every year Tabo eats birthday cake and Kashiwa rice cakes on his birthday. Tabo is a cheerful and honest fellow. He sometimes makes mistakes, but he never gives up trying! He has lots of good friends, and dearly loves his little brother Makun.

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Sports, especially swimming!

Green peppers, tongue twisters

Proudest Moment
Won first prize in a contest for his song “Tabo Says Never Give Up!”


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Cherina and Cherine are cute little fairies living in a forest of cherries. The two of them are really close, and one is never seen without the other. They wear matching ribbons as they harvest the fruits.

Cherina, who wears her bow on her ear, is sensitive and cries very easily. She loves to make and eat cherry pies.

Cherine, who wears her ribbon around her neck. She is bright and energetic. She knows which cherries are delicious just by looking at the fruit. She loves fresh cherries.

Year Created: 2008

The Jewelpets live in Jewel land, and all of them are owned by wizards. They’re not your regular pets: their eyes are real jewels, which they can use for magic. They practice their magic every day!

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