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Now that November is about to end, there’s one holiday that’s almost here that people are looking forward to: Christmas! It’s only a few weeks until December’s special day comes, and what better way to celebrate it than creating a video about it?

Merry Christmas from Sanrio” by pauline_2008 is all about the joyous holiday, presented to you Sanrio-style! Aside from showing e-cards featuring your favorite Sanrio characters, the video also presents to you stuff showing them in their cuteness!

You can check out the video at http://video.sanriotown.com/video/ffd51af6dfe6dd0a.

The June downloads are now available for you to download! You can get these freebies to decorate and animate your computer with your favorite Sanrio icons! Shinkansen, Pochacco, the Sugarbunnies, and other cute characters can be seen on your wallpapers, screensavers, computer and messenger icons, and much more!

June Calendars All you need is to sign in to your Sanriotown account to download these. If you don’t have one yet, get one now - it’s free!

Hello everyone! A lot of of things are going on this March. Aside from Hello Kitty Online, we also have Easter and spring/summer to look forward to. What better way to celebrate these events than by downloading these exclusive SanrioTown items that you can use on your computer and even share with your friends?SanrioTown March Downloads

From wallpapers to screensavers, from e-cards to MSN skins, from calendars to emoticons, we’ve got all these for you for free! All you need is your SanrioTown account to download these. If you haven’t got one yet, simply register by clicking here to get your free account. With this, you can also enjoy the various features of SanrioTown, including the forums, online games and quizzes, as well as a chance to win prizes and get goodies.

Get all of these at SanrioTown.com!

People of Hong Kong, rejoice! The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends are making their debut on the TVB network tomorrow, 16 February, at 4 in the afternoon. Join Hello Kitty, Pochacco, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll, Dear Daniel, My Melody and the rest of the gang as they have fun in Sanrio Town. Hurray!

By the way, more good news for Hello Kitty fans: last February 9, 2008, The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends was aired in Italy and was very well-received. Here is the show’s introduction (in Italian, of course).

Little Twin Stars Year Created: 1974 

Real Names: Kiki (the younger brother) and Lala (the older sister)

Birthday: 1974

The twins were born on Compassion Planet, in Dream Galaxy. They were really curious about life on Earth and spent time wondering about it, and so they asked their father, an inventor, and their mother, a poetess, if they could visit it, and they agreed. Saying goodbye to their friends the sun, moon, stars, and clouds, and with Lala’s star wand guiding them, they reached Earth safely and have since spread happiness to everyone they meet.

Kiki loves to fish for stars, explore new planets, and invent new things (he takes after his father!) He loves spring and summer the best, because he likes to look at fields of dandelions from his cloud-top perch.

Lala likes to cook, draw pictures, and compose poetry (she takes after her mother!) She loves autumn and winter the best (she writes to her father and mother while floating inthe clear winter sky).

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