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Who’s who on Sanrio? Now people can get the chance to know some of the most well-loved characters made by the company!


Sanrio Characters Info, made by hani-cherry, features the cute characters that the world has come to know and love. From Hello Kitty to Chococat, Cinnamoroll to Badtz Maru, you’ll be able to see a slideshow of your favorites here. Pictures are not the only things you’ll be able to see on this video. Their birthdays and hobbies also appear along with their images, so viewers will be able to know more about their favorite characters (other than that they’re cute.:P)

You can view the video by going to http://video.sanriotown.com/video/91a74b69b420d4a5.

For those who love chatting it up with your friends via MSN/Windows Live, this week’s featured download item is especially meant for you!SanrioTown offers its members  to download emoticons and skins that they can use to personalize their MSN Messenger accounts. They can share their love for their favorite Sanrio characters by making use of these. The best part of this is that the downloads are absolutely free, like the other items on Sanrio - which means that they can save their favorite stuff without being charged for it!

Right now, the downloadable emoticons are that of Keroppi and Kiki and Lala, otherwise known as the Little Twin Stars.

For skins, they can choose Ahiru No Pekkle, Charmmy Kitty, or Shinkansen.

Another plus: the emoticons can be used also as mood icons on your SanrioTown blog, so it’s dual purpose.

Get all of these and more at SanrioTown. Don’t worry: registration is also free, so sign up now

Ever wondered what your favorite characters’ personalities are like? Find out by Meeting the Characters in SanrioTown! The section features popular Sanrio creations, their personalities, quirks, habits, hobbies, birthdays, and just about anything and everything else about them!

Meet and greet Hello Kitty and her cat Charmmy Kitty. Try and wake Cinnamoroll up from his noontime nap. Play hide-and-seek with Badtz-Maru and Keroppi from the bushes and trees. Wave back and Kiki and Lala as they float in the sky. You can do all these and more by visiting SanrioTown.:) Click on the link above or the image below to be brought to the site.


We decided to give Chippy Mouse some company in his feature, so he’ll be sharing the spotlight with Charmmy Kitty and Chibimaru! We hope you enjoy this mouse, cat, and dog feature!

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WHOEVER said Hello Kitty is old news will be surprised with Sanrio Digital, the new, improved version of Sanriotown.

The revamped site features multimedia at its finest: from the creating and viewing of videos in Dream Studio, to the sharing of comments in Blog, to the score rankings in Games, to the exchanging of ideas in the Forums. These not only allow users to make the most of their time in Sanriotown, but also give them the chance be interactive and get in touch with other people from all over through the various interactive media provided for them. Dream Studio lets them make and direct videos from scratch that they can share to others, even linking their creations to other websites. They can also maintain their own online journals with Sanrio Blogs. They even get a chance to compete with their friends via the addition of Rankings in Games. They also get the chance to purchase limited edition Sanrio items or even design their own Sanrio products they can only get in Sanriotown.com in Kitty Shop.


Users get all these new stuff along with the Sanriotown features they came to know and love: a 500 MB-sized mailbox they can choose to upgrade for even bigger space, file cabinets where they cans save their important documents to take them virtually anywhere with an Internet connection, and forums where they can chat with other users about just about anything under the sun. They can also get to send E-cards and download wallpapers, graphics, clips, calendars and more with their favorite Sanriotown character emblazoned on them.

With the multimedia fest in Sanriotown, people can experience the latest that technology can offer. Not bad for a 32-year old cat.


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