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Join Kitty as she ventures into the cafe business in Hello Kitty Cafe.

Hire your favorite Sanrio characters to help you and Kitty run the day-to-day cafe operations. Turn your cafe into the cutest, coziest and happiest place ever!

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Now that November is about to end, there’s one holiday that’s almost here that people are looking forward to: Christmas! It’s only a few weeks until December’s special day comes, and what better way to celebrate it than creating a video about it?

Merry Christmas from Sanrio” by pauline_2008 is all about the joyous holiday, presented to you Sanrio-style! Aside from showing e-cards featuring your favorite Sanrio characters, the video also presents to you stuff showing them in their cuteness!

You can check out the video at http://video.sanriotown.com/video/ffd51af6dfe6dd0a.

From all of us here on Sanriotown to all of you:

Happy Halloweeen!


We’d also like to give a big shoutout to Charmmy Kitty and Kuromi, who are both celebrating their birthdays today! Happy birthday!

Boo! Even if Halloween occurs at the end of the month, you don’t have to wait that long to get a bite out of these cute and spooky treats of Sanriotown for the month of October!

We’ve got downloadable calendars, wallpapers, icons and screensavers for you! On top of that, we’ve also got new fun quizzes for you at the Quiz Center. Still want more? Stick around and you’ll be able to see more treats (and not tricks!) for other features of Sanriotown! It’s really a great month for freebies and more here on Sanriotown, and all you’ll need to do to avail of these is to sign in to Sanriotown. If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? Click here and register for your free account now!

Greet these adorable Sanrio characters a very happy birthday this merry month of May!

Sugar Charmmy’s Kitty’s jungalian hamster best friend celebrates his birthday on the 1st of May! He was given to Hello Kitty by Dear Daniel the same time that her Papa gave her Charmmy.

Happy birthday, Sugar!

Dear Daniel Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty’s beau, celebrates his birthday on May 3.
Minna No Tabo Honest Minna No Tabo celebrates his birthday on May 5.
Terikichi Terikichi, Chibimaru’s gentleman dog friend, says hello to another year also on May 5.
Chococat Chococat, a little boy cat with the chocolate-colored nose, will celebrate his birthday on May 10.
Tuxedo Sam Antarctic-born and England-bred Tuxedo Sam celebrates his birthday on May 12. Aside from English, he is fluent in Penguinese.
Teruteru Teruteru, the little girl rain charm and part of Keroppi’s friends, celebrates her birthday on May 18.
Umeya Variety Store Grandma Ume of the Umeya Zakkaten, or the Umeya Variety Store, celebrates her birthday also on May 18.
Frooliemew FroolieMew, the parisian cat with an eye for fashion celebrates her birthday on May 24.
Nemukko Nyago The day after, Nemukko Nyago, Sanrio’s sleepy cat, celebrates his on May 25.
Marron Cream Finally, Marron Cream, another character who lives in Paris, celebrates her birthday on May 31.

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