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November 1 is Hello Kitty’s birthday, and to celebrate HKO is holding a special charity event called Hello Kitty’s Birthday Cheer! From October 28 to November 15, 2010, come, be merry, and contribute to charity simply by taking part in this event! Win prizes, earn rewards, and try a bunch of new things! Learn more at the event guide page, read the release notes, or talk to the Party Clown in Sanrio Harbour to begin the adventure!

Charity details

Your efforts during this event will determine the sum of money that Sanrio Digital is going to donate to two worthy causes.

On October 18, super typhoon Megi slammed into the Philippines, causing widespread damage including rendering 200,000 people homeless and destroying hundreds of thousands of tons worth of food crops. The aid organization Save the Children is working to provide relief in the affected regions. The higher your donation score in this special event, the more money Sanrio Digital will donate to Save the Children. Two thirds of the total donation amount are reserved for Save the Children.

One third of the total donation is reserved for the Asian Youth Orchestra, which offers tuition-free opportunities for young pre-professional musicians to hone their skills and be exposed to varied artistic experiences.

Have fun!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

Attention Hello Kitty Online Players: If you haven’t submitted your Spooky Makeover entries, hurry up! The contest will be ended on October 31, 2010 and each entry will earn you 500 Sanrio Loyalty Points! For more information about the contest, click here.

Here are some of the entries we received, enjoy! =)


By lilcupcake419

By lokous

By erinalexis

By sourberry24

The results for the Chocolate Harbour Rescue charity event are in! Hello Kitty Online players amassed an impressive 11,945,872 points by cleaning up a veritable horde of hazardous chocolates and colossal chocolates during the event. The point score translates to a US$ 11,945.87 donation, to be split half-half between Oceana and UNICEF. Thanks to your efforts, each of those charities will receive US$ 5,972.94 from Sanrio Digital.

In addition, here are the winning guilds for the Full Throttle on the Chocolate event!

HKO US & Canada


Guild Name

Points Earned

Loyalty Points for each participating member

1st HKO Founders



2nd Sugar



3rd The Funhouse



4th Melodies



5th Dreamers



6th BerryWranglers



7th Evil



8th CinnamonCafe



9th SweetRoyalCandy



10th I Love HKO



HKO International


Guild Name

Points Earned

Loyalty Points for each participating member

1st Pancake Bandits



2nd Angelic Pretty



3rd EvilGenius



4th CherryBlossoms



5th Hello Kittens



6th Eternal



7th Sanrio Dream



8th Elite HKO






10th Misfits



Remember, the winners were calculated by tallying the gains in donation points over the course of the Full Throttle on the Chocolate event. Absolute scores were not counted.

Sanrio Loyalty Points for this event have already been awarded to all members of a winning guild who took part in the event (if you are in a guild that won but you did not participate in the event, you will not receive any Loyalty Points).

Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful job and thank you for contributing your time and effort to UNICEF and Oceana! We hope you enjoyed this wacky event. We have more fun things in store for you, so stay tuned!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

We have a new event for you HKO fans – share your best costumes for Halloween in Hello Kitty Online and get a chance to win tons of SLP! In HKO’s Spooky Makeover, we want to see how you dress up for trick-or-treating in-game! Your costume could be scary, cute, fun, or eccentric! Will you dress up as a vampire, a skeleton, a ghost or a witch? Or will you be creative and make your own costume ensemble? This is a fun way to earn Sanrio Loyalty Points (you can use Sanrio Loyalty Points to buy cool HKO stuff in the Item Mall!).

There will be a Grand Prize Winner and 5 Runner-Up Winners for best costumes in-game!

Each submission will earn you 500 Sanrio Loyalty Points. Grand Prize and Runner-Up Winners will earn 5,000 and 3,000 points, respectively.

If you haven’t downloaded Hello Kitty Online or created a SanrioTown account yet, click here. You will only need a few minutes to get set up!

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Download Hello Kitty Online and Create a SanrioTown account.
  2. Participants must use SanrioTown blogs to write about their makeover with pictures/related screenshots of their entry. For a blog tutorial, please click here. If you want to blog in HKO, read Using the in-game mini-blog feature.
  3. Each entry must include at least 100 words describing your makeover and 1 screenshot of your costumes. Please remember that the criteria for winning aren’t based on the price of your costume! Just because you have an expensive fashion item does not ensure you winning the grand prize. Be creative and be original!
  4. Participants must send the link of the entry to marketing@hellokitty.com and use “HKO’s Spooky Makeover” as the subject of the email (without the quotes).
  5. Members can submit up to 2 entries each; all entries will be considered provided that they meet the guidelines and terms and conditions listed on this page.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Competition starts on UTC (or GMT/Zulu) October 11, 2010 and ends on October 31, 2010.

2. Winners will be announced on November 5, 2010. Loyalty Points will be given to winners on the same day.

3. Winning entries will be selected by SanrioTown.

4. All blog entries are property of SanrioTown.

5. SanrioTown reserves the right to change the conditions of this competition at its own discretion.

6. SanrioTown reserves the right to extend or terminate the competition at its own discretion.

If you have any questions, please email marketing@hellokitty.com.

The Hello Kitty Online charity event, Chocolate Harbour Rescue is entering its last week and the numbers coming in are huge! Thanks to your efforts, Sanrio Digital will be donating to Oceana and UNICEF, and this looks like it may be the biggest donation so far in HKO history. But more can be done: this is why we are now calling on all guilds to go Full Throttle on the Chocolate!

From September 24, 2010 12:00AM EST (12:00PM GMT +8) until the end of Chocolate Harbour Rescue, you can participate in a Guild-based competition for charity: Full Throttle on the Chocolate.Here’s how it works: the participating members of the top 10 guilds who post the biggest gains in donation points starting September 24 will receive rewards at the end of the event!

Since we are counting gains in donation points in the given period and not cumulative points, it does not matter who is leading the ranks now. All that matters is how many points you can earn from September 24-30. The winning guilds will be rewarded with Sanrio Loyalty Points (SLP), which you can use to buy fabulous stuff in the Item Mall.

Full Throttle on the Chocolate Prizes


Guild Gains

SLP per participating member





















Remember, only the donations made from September 24 onwards will be counted in the guild competition! These contributions will also be included in the grand total for the calculation of Sanrio Digital’s donation for Oceana and UNICEF.The harder you work, the greater your Guild’s impact on the real world! No matter how well you place – whether you come in first or last – you will make a real difference to problems affecting our planet!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our friendly in-game GMs or send us an email at help@hellokittyonline.com.

Good luck and have fun!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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