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Join Kitty as she ventures into the cafe business in Hello Kitty Cafe.

Hire your favorite Sanrio characters to help you and Kitty run the day-to-day cafe operations. Turn your cafe into the cutest, coziest and happiest place ever!

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Hello everyone! Thank you for joining the Hello Kitty Scrapbook Contest! We are pleased to announce that almost everyone got all the answers correctly! Hello Kitty has successfully sorted out every picture because of your help! Again, we thank you for your participation and we hope to see you again the next time we bring you another SanrioTown contest! Here are the winners: Batch 1:

1. kissumi@hellokitty.com
2. mnopxs2@kuririnmail.com
3. minnie1016@mymelody.com

Batch 1 winners will receive:


Batch 2:

1. shushanng37@hellokitty.com.sg
2. azog@hellokitty.com
3. sweet.symphoney@mymelody.com

 Batch 2 winners will receive:


Batch 1 answers:

slide 1 - Charmmy Kitty
slide 2 - Cinamoroll
slide 3 - Pom Pom Purin
slide 4 – Mashumaro Nyanko
slide 5 - KeroKeroKeroppi
slide 6 - Ahiru No Pekkle
slide 7 - Dear Daniel
slide 8 - Tenorikuma - Latte
slide 9 - U*SA*HA*NA
slide 10 - Bad Badtz-Maru

Batch 2 answers:
slide 1 - Minna no Tabo
slide 2 –Little Twin Stars – Kiki/Lala
slide 3 - Fifi
slide 4- Sugar bunnies - Kurousa
slide 5 - Shinkansen
slide 6 - Pochacco
slide 7 – My Melody
slide 8 – Monkichi
slide 9 – Coro Coro Kuririn
slide 10 -Cinnamoangels – Azuki

FOR THE WINNERS: We will send you a confirmation email after a week. Please reply to us then with your name and address so we can send you your prizes!
Would you like to participate in helping us make the next contest? We’d love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions, please email them to sanriotown_event@hellokitty.com. If we picked your idea, we’ll be sure give you credit for it!

Batch Two of SanrioTown’s “Hello Kitty’s Scrapbook Contest” is now over! We’d like to thank all of the participants who took part in the event. We had as much in it as you did! The names of the winners of the contest will be announced later this week, so please do stay tuned here to see if you’re one of them!

Have a great day, everyone!

For those who are interested to join the Hello Kitty Scrapbook Contest, you still have a few days left to participate in it! Please click here to view the instructions and the corresponding video and see if you can identify the characters featured there.

You can submit your answers to the second batch up until May 31. Cute prizes are at stake, so grab this chance to get these special items! Only three of the participants will be chosen, so good luck to the contestants!

Hello SanrioTown members! Today is the start of the Scrapbook Contest’s BATCH TWO! Here’s batch two’s video. Identify which characters are they by the clues given on each slide. After identifying them all, write your answers using your SanrioTown email (following the example we made in submitting entries) then send it to sanriotown_event@hellokitty.com. Good luck everyone!

(Batch 2 entries will be accepted until May 31.)

Three winners will be drawn for this batch and the prizes will be:
A Limited Edition Hello Kitty 1GB Memory Stick!

Limited Edition Hello Kitty 1GB Memory Stick


From: kayleecheung@mymelody.com
To: sanriotown_event@hellokitty.com

slide 1 - Hello Kitty
slide 2 – Pochacco
slide 3 - My Melody
slide 4 - Little Twin Stars
slide 5 - We Are Dinosaurs
slide 6 - Dokidoki Yummychums
slide 7 – Cinamoroll
slide 8 – Mimmy
slide 9 – Pandaba
slide 10 - Minna no Tabo

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