Who needs zombies, rocket launchers and explosions when you can have a fearsomely cute feline superstar, willing to take you into an enrapturing world brimmed with fun, cuteness and nonviolence? Outblush, a popular blog for girls who love shopping, has posted a very positive review of Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition! The HKO team was ecstatic to receive this review!


Quoted from Outblush:

“A REAL game gal’s professional opinion? We asked Outblush Operative Clare F., who reviewed the game for us and says….

As a lover of all things video-game related, I would be lying if I said my first reaction when Outblush handed me a game to review wasn’t insane, deluded joy. I would also be lying if I said that immense joy wasn’t replaced with homicidal tendencies when I was informed the game was in fact Hello Kitty Online.

As a person who really enjoys a good video game, I couldn’t imagine what I could possibly like about something so saccharine, goody goody and, well…pink. When I tossed the disc into my laptop, the first thing that struck me was the tutorial. While the game loads, I got to spend my time learning how to get around this little world. It was so through I was afraid that I should’ve taken some notes.”

Head over to Outblush to read their full review of Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition!

Outblush is a popular blog for shopaholic ladies. The site features trendy clothes, beauty products, home furnishings and more to make shopping easier for its visitors.

Thank you for your inspiring review, Outblush! To those who are interested in Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition, you may learn more about it here.

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