Snowy Wonderland, London, November 3, 2010—The feline superstar, Kitty White, celebrated her 36th birthday on November 1, yet many of her guests decided to overstay and they don’t seem to be planning to leave the venue anytime soon! Fortunately, in her constant battle against boredom among the partygoers in her birthday bash, Kitty has so many volunteers to help her cheer up the grumpy, cantankerous monsters! Those nifty sparklers and fireworks also helped brighten up the snowland fete a big deal!

Here are some photos of the crazy partygoers and the volunteers!


Of course, that means the party’s still on! They might have run out of cakes, but at least, there are still some of those slick and fashionable party hats to be had! The lovely celebrant, Hello Kitty, has thanked her fans for the support and for bringing her birthday gifts, which she will be donating to charity such as Save the Children an aid organization providing relief for the homeless who were affected by Typhoon Negi in the Philippines— and Asian Youth Orchestra.

Come and join the merrymaking! Learn more at the event guide page, read the release notes, or talk to the Party Clown in Sanrio Harbour to begin the adventure!

Have fun!

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