We’ve so seen many SanrioTown members confess their love and passion for Sanrio characters through their blog entries, but one certain SanrioTown blogger caught our eyes!

Introducing brb1006, whose blog she dedicated to our beloved Cinnamoroll! The blog’s author posts lots of pictures, wallpapers and videos of Cinnamoroll, and she also features Cinnamoangels and the Sugarbunnies to a lesser extent.

Contrary to what many people believe, Cinnamoroll isn’t a bunny at all! He’s a tiny white puppy with very large ears, which he uses to propel himself into the air. Cinnamoroll was born on March 6, 2002 on a cloud up in the sky. He stumbled upon the Café Cinnamon one day, sniffing the whiff of cinnamon and befriending the café owner. Cinnamoroll decided to stay, garnering instant popularity among the café’s customers because of his cuteness. He was named Cinnamoroll by the café owner since his plump tail resembles a cinnamon roll, and became the official mascot of the café!

Visit her blog now: brb1006@mymelody.com’s blog

We thank you, brb1006, for your love and dedication to Cinnamoroll!

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