Glitter, lace and ruffled skirts! The world won’t be the same without them! Whenever we see something cutesy and adorable like glitter, lace and ruffled skirts, we can’t help but stare at them with childlike fascination and forget the problems that deeply crowd our mind even for a while!


All that glitters is not gold! Our featured blog of the week, “Glitter, Lace and Ruffled Skirts”, is one fascinating blog that details a player’s glittery adventures (and misadventures) in the magical world of Hello Kitty Online. Introducing cutelyhazardous, better known in HKO as Lilyshine, who seems to have a passion the glittery, the lacey and… ruffled skirts!


Lilyshine endears frilly and girly clothes to herself. Like many other SanrioTown princesses, she loves wearing Japanese fashion called “Lolita”, which is based off Victorian and Rococo clothing. We chose Lilyshine’s journal for her expressive blog entries and her shimmering personality! After all, personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is!

Visit her blog at: Glitter, Lace and Ruffled Skirts!

Congratulations, Lilyshine!


The Hello Kitty Online charity event, Chocolate Harbour Rescue is entering its last week and the numbers coming in are huge! Thanks to your efforts, Sanrio Digital will be donating to Oceana and UNICEF, and this looks like it may be the biggest donation so far in HKO history. But more can be done: this is why we are now calling on all guilds to go Full Throttle on the Chocolate!

From September 24, 2010 12:00AM EST (12:00PM GMT +8) until the end of Chocolate Harbour Rescue, you can participate in a Guild-based competition for charity: Full Throttle on the Chocolate.Here’s how it works: the participating members of the top 10 guilds who post the biggest gains in donation points starting September 24 will receive rewards at the end of the event!

Since we are counting gains in donation points in the given period and not cumulative points, it does not matter who is leading the ranks now. All that matters is how many points you can earn from September 24-30. The winning guilds will be rewarded with Sanrio Loyalty Points (SLP), which you can use to buy fabulous stuff in the Item Mall.

Full Throttle on the Chocolate Prizes


Guild Gains

SLP per participating member





















Remember, only the donations made from September 24 onwards will be counted in the guild competition! These contributions will also be included in the grand total for the calculation of Sanrio Digital’s donation for Oceana and UNICEF.The harder you work, the greater your Guild’s impact on the real world! No matter how well you place – whether you come in first or last – you will make a real difference to problems affecting our planet!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our friendly in-game GMs or send us an email at

Good luck and have fun!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, SanrioTown fans!

 The Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival is one of the most important festivities in China. It is one of the most marvelous and colorful annual events that celebrates, among other things, harvest time with the biggest and brightest moon of the year!

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, the SanrioTown Team made e-cards specially tailored for this wonderful merry-making! Grab them all now!


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We’ve so seen many SanrioTown members confess their love and passion for Sanrio characters through their blog entries, but one certain SanrioTown blogger caught our eyes!

Introducing brb1006, whose blog she dedicated to our beloved Cinnamoroll! The blog’s author posts lots of pictures, wallpapers and videos of Cinnamoroll, and she also features Cinnamoangels and the Sugarbunnies to a lesser extent.

Contrary to what many people believe, Cinnamoroll isn’t a bunny at all! He’s a tiny white puppy with very large ears, which he uses to propel himself into the air. Cinnamoroll was born on March 6, 2002 on a cloud up in the sky. He stumbled upon the Café Cinnamon one day, sniffing the whiff of cinnamon and befriending the café owner. Cinnamoroll decided to stay, garnering instant popularity among the café’s customers because of his cuteness. He was named Cinnamoroll by the café owner since his plump tail resembles a cinnamon roll, and became the official mascot of the café!

Visit her blog now:’s blog

We thank you, brb1006, for your love and dedication to Cinnamoroll!

  Technorati Tags: blog,cinnamoncinnamoroll reviewed Hello Kitty Online and found it “cute”, “peaceful”, and in possession of “a system that other games would be smart to copy”.  Jason Van Horn explains why HKO is a good choice if you enjoy relaxation and conviviality:

Most MMOs are based around combat, leveling, and eventually hitting end game content. There is still an element of combat in the game, but it takes a bit of a backseat to everything else, and the process of leveling didn’t even register as a driving factor in the game for me. I’m desperately trying to reach level cap in World of Warcraft before its expansion comes out, so I’m constantly hurrying, fighting, and trying to do only the things that will help me level as fast as possible. With HKO I found myself playing at a much more relaxed pace, engaging in crafting, farming, playing mini-games, and not really paying attention to gained levels at all.

Head over to to read the full review of Hello Kitty Online!


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