Are you afraid of sharks? Have you already imagined what you’re gonna do if you happen to stumble upon one while swimming? That’s probably one of the scariest and nastiest things that could ever happen under the sea.


Shark attacks are just plain horrifying. Just imagine the shock if you come face to face with a great white shark underwater, displaying its multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth! The most dangerous sharks are great white sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks and oceanic whitetips! Luckily, attacks are also rare. Shark attacks happen to fewer than a hundred people a year.


In fact, they have more reason to be afraid of us. Each year, humans kill millions of sharks for their cartilage and for their fins that chefs use to make soup. Because shark parts are deemed to be valuable, some of their species, or kinds, get overhunted, which might lead to their extinction. We don’t want that, do we?




Friends from National Geographic give us some tips to avoid Shark Attacks!


Avoid murky waters, harbor entrances, channels, and steep drop-offs. These areas are frequented by sharks.


If fish or turtles start to behave strangely, leave the water. They may be behaving like that because there is a shark in the area.


Swim, surf, or dive with other people. Sharks most often attack individuals.


Don’t wander too far from shore. Doing so isolates you and places you away from assistance.


Do not splash around a lot in the water. Sharks are attracted to such activity.


If you cut or injure yourself in the water, get out! Do not stay in the water with blood around you.


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