Two years ago, we featured The Magical BunnyWinx Zone as the Blog of the Week. Today, the SanrioTown team is more than happy and thrilled to find out that BunnyWinx (or Bridget ) is still at it, writing awesome posts and adorably cute blog entries! Bridget prides herself to be a lifelong fan of Sanrio characters such as My Melody and Little Twin Stars! Her blog overflows with magic and charm, and she definitely fascinates us with fancy buttons and images that she made on her own!

Bridget has got a large collection of Hello Kitty stuff, from adorably fluffy plushies and fuzzy socks, to stuffed keychains and kittified wallets! Her blog never fails to enthrall us with its cute images and a remarkable color scheme! Bridget’s artistry and sense of style is superb!

The Magical Bunny Winx Zone is sure to ensorcell you with cuteness and magic, so visit her blog now:  The Magical Bunny Winx Zone!

We hope that, by this time, around two years later, she will continue to bewitch us with her blog, and continue to be a loyal and faithful SanrioTown blogger! Congratulations once again, BunnyWinx, and may your days always be sprinkled with cuteness!

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2 Responses to “Blog of the Week: The Magical Bunny Winx Zone!”

  1. This blog is very interesting

  2. Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise!! Thanks for featuring me for a second time, you beautiful SanrioTown peoplessss XDXD I will continue blogging cuteness for as long as cuteness exists on the internetz, which will hopefully be FOREVER. O_O

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