Well, there’s a lot of personality quizzes out there on the net, but this one is really simple and fun to do! A personality quiz is normally a series of questions (usually multiple choice) that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them. Unlike the conventional personality quiz, however, this video does not require you to answer questions—it simply instructs you to draw a few objects, and the results depend on how or where you draw them! So why not grab a pen and a piece of paper, or maybe open up Windows Paint or any graphics painting program and take this awesome personality quiz?


Now draw…


a.)    Three flowers on leafless stems—each flower should be different in height. On one flower, add a leaf or two, and on another, draw a butterfly resting on its bud.

b.)    A single arrow.

c.)    A house with a path leading up to the main door. Draw a tree next to the house.

d.)    A fishhook and a fish.


Now watch for the results!



If you took the personality quiz, we would like to know the results, and you can post it on the comments section. You can even include a screenshot of your drawing to show everyone!




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  1. ahhh u have a long blog! but really nice;)

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