Do you think life will ever be complete without the color Yellow?

Yellow is psychologically the happiest in the color spectrum. This color reminds us of the vibrancy of sunshine and the hue of bright daylight. On one hand, yellow symbolizes optimism, joy and enlightenment, and on the other, it could stand for cowardice, jealousy and fragility. Because of the color’s high visibility, yellow is often used for warning signs and hazard signs. Some psychologists claim that when you buy a yellow vehicle, you’re likely to have a sunny disposition and you’re probably a child at heart! Yellow stands out from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy, as well as spark positive and creative thoughts!

We probably take this color for granted, but no one can deny that Yellow gives us a brighter, more gleeful world! So we chose this video as our editor’s pick to remind everyone to appreciate the small things that trickle happy and positive colors into the world!




Did you know that…

… The color yellow is used for mourning in Egypt?

… That yellow is associated in danger, but not quite as dangerous as red?

… In India, Yellow is the color of Vaisya caste or farmers.

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