Innocently cute, captivatingly charming, adorably sweet! —these were just a few words that crossed our mind the first time we read Elizabeth Rae’s blog: Beffles’ Wonderland! While the blogger Elizabeth Rae is quite new to SanrioTown blogging, we can already see her determination to write a blog dedicated to all things cute and pretty!



Elizabeth has a healthy obsession with cuteness and has a passion for adorable things like candies, fruits, sweets and cupcakes. She also seems to have a fascination with sweet Lolita fashion and making clothes brimming with cuteness and innocent charm. Elizabeth also has a huge collection of all things Hello Kitty, kittifying her world and maximizing the cuteness!




Her blog entries and pictures are guaranteed to sprinkle sweetness and magic into your day, so visit Elizabeth Rae’s blog: Beffles’ Wonderland!


Thank you for the prettiful and fantabulous posts and pictures, Elizabeth, and always stay charming and cute!


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Hello everyone!

On Thursday, July 29, 2010, at 00:00 EST (12:00 GMT+8), HKO will go offline for about 4 hours for an update! This update will allow you to access multiple regions using a single game client!

Your game client will automatically update itself when you run it, so you don’t have to do anything. If you haven’t installed the game yet, please head over to our download page and get our new 140MB unified playable installer.

Because the new game client lets you access servers that were previously separated, we had to make some adjustments. The most important thing to remember is that HKO now has Servers based on your preferred region, and on each Server there are Worlds. Your character is restricted to a single server, but can access all the worlds on that server. Play wherever suits you best!

Once you have logged into the game with your SanrioTown email and password, you will see a new server selection screen: choose a Server based on your location and then select a World based on your language (if applicable).

HKO now offers two servers:

International: for all players from all parts of the world (previously was called “Global”). This server offers three different Worlds for players depending on language: English, French, or German. More language options may be added in the future.

US & Canada: for players from USA & Canada (previously was called “North America”). This server has one World for English language players.

NOTE: characters are non-transferable between servers; your character exists only on the server where you created him/her. If you log in to the wrong server you will see the character creation screen instead of your character information. Simply exit and log in to the other server.

If you have any comments or questions, please email us at See you in the game!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

Short, deep and meaningful, Haiku is arguably the most famous and challenging poetic form that originated from Japan. It combines form, content and language in a meaningful yet compact structure. Haiku consists of 17 syllables, in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.  Many haiku seem to focus on nature and emphasize the emotions that seasons convey. Traditional haiku often include seasonal references such as “falling leaves” for autumn, “silver snow” for winter or “cherry blossoms” for spring, and the feelings and emotions that people usually associate the seasons with. Haiku are often comprised of sensory words that paint vivid imagery in the mind. As haiku is also a form of non-rhyming poetry, it’s expected to possess the general characteristics that can be found in a poem such as rhythm and depth.



And since haiku are short, many writers think that they can write haiku as easily as snapping their fingers. In truth, haiku is one of the least understood forms of poetry and one of the most challenging.


One SanrioTown Blogger, murasoishi, dared to describe her days by merely composing haiku in her blog. Well, that is something since you would have to be extra creative to condense a blog entry into a mere 17-syllabled post! We also found her blog title “Brain Candy” fitting as haiku are bite-sized poems!


Visit mursoishi’s blog: Brain Candy!


Thank you for your inspiring haiku, murasoishi, and we look forward to reading more of them! ♥



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Here’s a sneak peek at the Hello Kitty make up range that’s set to launch in Marks and Spencer at the end of July. It is heard that the whole range can be snapped up at pocket money friendly prices!

For more information, please visit

The results of the HKO event Farm Your Flag are now in! We asked players to create a HKO-themed flag using only their in-game farms. Everyone did an excellent job and we had an awesome time reviewing all the entries!

Without further ado, here are the winning submissions for the Farm Your Flag event:

HKO-North America























Congratulations to all winners, who will receive 1,000 Sanrio Loyalty Points! Players who submitted a valid entry for this event will receive 200 Loyalty Points, so everyone is a winner! You will receive your points within 24 hours.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their farm flags and we really look forward to your participation at the next event! See you all in game and hugs to everyone!

The Hello Kitty Online Team

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