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So far, we have plenty of promising entries for the latest HKO event: A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online. We’ve stumbled upon many fascinating stories and well-written blog entries by the players and we’re thrilled to know that many of you are pouring a great deal of effort and love into the stories and adventures that you share with us.

One mesmerizing adventure that caught our eye was Rini’s. Rini did not only write a single entry for the event, she wrote numerous blog entries, and her story still seems to be in progress! Well, that’s a lot of Sanrio Loyalty Points, don’t you think? In her story, the “Vampire Entries”, Rini was described as a Parisian vampire girl who looks “wild and dangerously cute, with a tall and a catlike sinewy build, blood-crimson eyes and pink hair tied up into horn-like buns”.

Read more of her adventures here!

So why not write your own stories and share your adventures with us? You can get tons of Sanrio Loyalty Points by just sharing with us the magic of your day in Hello Kitty Online!

To read more about the event “A Day in the Life of Hello Kitty Online” and instructions on how to join, please click here: A day in the life of HKO



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