“Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly, and the dreams that you’ve dreamed of, dreams really do come true!”

Sometimes, we may think that life is dull and gray and monotonous, and we wonder if there is something beautiful and colorful that awaits us elsewhere. The concept behind this song and video is grasping onto the fact that there is always something great in the distance—in some place where life will be more vibrant, where our world will be daubed with more colors, and where all our greatest dreams and wishes come true.

No one can deny that rainbows sprinkle some color into our world. These multicolored prisms are woven from light, and they appear in heaven like an arc of red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue and violet. It is an arc that is formed by reflection and refraction of sun’s rays inside raindrops.


While this video does not consist solely of rainbows, some of the images shown here represent them. By sharing this video, we hope to remind everyone not to lose hope and to keep on dreaming. Somewhere over the rainbow, where our troubles melt like lemon drops, dreams really do come true!

Did you know…

… that rainbows consist of more colors than the human eye can see?

… that while sunlight looks white, it’s actually made of a mixture of all the colors of a rainbow?

… that you can actually make rainbows? On a bright, sunlit day, and as the