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It will only take a few minutes and you’ll be able to enjoy this cute useful tool again!

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You’ll find a lot about Hello Kitty Online, Cinnamoroll, and Sugarbunnies in this blog. If you are a fan of Sanrio, you’ll love every entry. Happy reading!

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This video shows you how to make a Hello Kitty mirror as pretty as the one below in three minutes! Or you can learn how to decorate things in a Hello Kitty way. Nice video.


Click the video below and start viewing the tutorial now ♥


Baby Classical is an music appreciation app that sets out to familiarize children with some of Bach’s liveliest and most playful pieces, in a fun and interactive way. A great and effective application for a child’s music and brain development. Now available in iTunes and App Store.

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Features highlight:

- Contains 7 songs by Bach for young minds stimulation and inspiration.

- Colorful and animated backgrounds.

- Slide or tap with your fingers on screen to simulate piano playing.

- Tap on any one of the 8 animal icons and to perform along with the songs.

- Edit and create your own playlist.

- Set timer for app to close automatically.

Upload a video of your kid(s) playing Baby Classical Bach Vol. 1 now. An Editor’s Pick will earn you 800 Sanrio Loyalty Points!

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Here is a video of a baby playing Baby Memory Cue – another app for moms and dads!

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