What is the Item Mall?


The Item Mall in Hello Kitty Online is a place where players can buy in-game items that are not usually available in the in-game stores.  Items can be purchased using either Sanrio Cash Points (SCP) or Sanrio Loyalty Points (SLP). SCPs have to be purchased, but SLPs are very easy to get. You earn SLPs every time you use SanrioTown’s free online services (blogs, videos, forums, etc.) and by playing HKO.  To know more about how to earn SLPs, please visit this page.




Avatar Customization and Special Items


In the Item Mall, you can dress up your avatar from head to toe.  Choose from a huge selection of swanky clothes, stylish headgear, cool equipment, and fun customization options like facial expressions, hair, skin tones, accessories, etc.  Be sure to check back for new items regularly, especially during an event!


Special Land Certificates and Limited Edition Pets


The HKO Item Mall also sells exclusive land certificates and pets that are not available anywhere else.  You will be able to build your favourite house and choose from a wide range of limited edition pets that cannot be obtained in-game. With these in your possession, you’ll definitely stand out in a crowd!

Upcoming Item Mall Features


In addition to what developers announced in a previous announcement regarding plans for HKO in 2010, here are some of the features you can expect in the Item Mall this year:


  1. Discounts – HKO will be discounting stocks in the Item Mall so do check out the items there from time to time even if you’re short on SLPs.  Who knows, an item you really want could be on sale!
  2. Gifting items – you will be able to send gifts from the Item Mall to your friends!
  3. Limited edition items – During many HKO events, there will be Item Mall exclusive items on sale.  After the event is finished, these items will no longer be available for purchase but will be considered as permanent items in your inventory if you’ve purchased them.


Want to shop for items now? Play the game and click on the Item Mall icon located near the bottom of the sidebar!

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