Sanrio Digital, the developer and publisher of Hello Kitty Online, ran a charity event called Food for Friends 2 to benefit Haiti earthquake relief. Thanks to the efforts of our players, Sanrio Digital made a donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) on behalf of HKO, its players, and sponsor publishers. The donated amount was US$ 18,038.30, and was calculated based on the in-game efforts of HKO players. The donation was sponsored by Sanrio DigitalBurda:ic GmbH and Oriented Games.

Here is the thank you letter we received from Doctors Without Borders:

Thank You Letter to Sanrio Digital from Doctors Without Borders

(Click the image to view the PDF file)

Food for Friends 2 was a great success, and we hope that what we all accomplished by working together will encourage everyone to help those in need. See you at our next charity event!

For the PSP-owning Hello Kitty fans who felt left out because of the release of the new “Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures” game for the NDS, don’t feel bad anymore, because there’s a game now for you!

“Hello Kitty Puzzle Party” features a ton of puzzles for the Sanrio fans. The game is divided into three categories: Jigpaws, which are (you guessed it) jigsaw puzzles; Picture Purrfect, where you have to figure out puzzles to reveal the pictures; and Tasty Tower, a color-matching game.

You’ll get a lot of bonuses and goodies when you play the game (can you say PSP wallpapers?), so if you’re a Hello Kitty fan who owns a PSP, be sure to grab a copy of the game now!

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