hko tutorial iconThe tutorial has been achieved, and now the training wheels are coming off! There’s a bonus game added in Hello Kitty Online: The Introduction on Facebook! Completing Chapter 5 will unlock the Hello Kitty Blocks minigame.

In the full version of Hello Kitty Online, there are many minigames such as this one. Aside from the storyline you have on HKO, players need to sharpen up their skills and get high scores in the mini games in order to finish their quests. Players also get rewarded for their efforts with Friendship Points, Gold, and occasionally, special In-Game Items!

hello kitty online tutorial on facebook welcome page

You might not get all that in this Facebook application, but you do get to compete against your friends for the high score! So be sure to check out Kitty Blocks on Facebook today!

Year Created: 1992

They are a friendly bunch of dinosaurs from the Jurassic era.

Tyranno can be a scatterbrain at times, but he is strong and reliable as a leader.

Brachy loves taking long, lumbering walks - he’s so huge, short strolls never work for him! He loves to dine on the leaves at the tip-tops of trees.

Stego loves flowers and other cute things. He might have an armor plate, but he’s a big softy and has a big heart!

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