My Melody’s birthday was on January 18, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than to feature a blog that has her as the star?

My Melody Obsession“, by byzar, is chock-full of My Melody goodness. The best part is, the items are all part of the blogger’s collection! You’ll be amazed at how much the blogger has! While there are other occasional Sanrio characters that pop up in her collection, nothing beats her love for the lovable bunny.

Be sure to check out the blog at

Sanrio Loyalty Points will be rewarded to all our directors and bloggers out there who will be featured as the Editor’s Pick or as part of the Blog All-Stars.

The prizes are as follows:

Blog All-Stars: 6,000 Sanrio Loyalty Points
Editor’s Pick: 800 Sanrio Loyalty Points

The ones receiving the rewards will only be the ones who get picked starting January 2010, so the people who were featured in the past will not be included. However, for the Blog All-Stars, you can get the chance to be featured again, because we’ll be starting from the ground up on the featured blogs.

Work hard on your SanrioTown blog and your Dream Studio videos and get the chance to be picked and win big in Sanrio Loyalty Points!

If your points haven’t changed immediately, don’t worry! The Sanrio Loyalty Points are updated every Friday, so your accounts will automatically be updated with your new points.

Thank you for choosing SanrioTown!

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