The end of Food for Friends 2 is just around the corner, and the donation points received so far are truly staggering! Guilds and players are showing they care by crafting and donating thousands of items, which will be used to calculate a cash donation to Doctors Without Borders relief efforts in Haiti.

Keep your eyes sharp!
But it’s not over yet – the point value for each item you donate is dynamic, and could change at any time! Pay close attention to the item point value on the final day of the event, January 30, 2010! There may be some surprises that could shake up the contest!

Now with twice as many prizes!
And some great news for everyone taking part in Food for Friends 2: the number of winners will be increased from three to six! So instead of the top three guilds winning prizes, it will now be the top six!

Food for Friends 2 prizes

First Place
60,000 Loyalty Points

Second Place
40,000 Loyalty Points

Third Place
20,000 Loyalty Points

Fourth Place
10,000 Loyalty Points

Fifth Place
5,000 Loyalty Points

Sixth Place
2,500 Loyalty Points

Everyone’s already a winner!
Remember, all guild members who take part in Food for Friends 2 are already winners, because they will automatically receive Loyalty Points based on their total Guild donation points after the event. However, the six guilds with the most Donation Points at the end of the event will also receive additional Loyalty Points prizes.

The total amount of Loyalty Points earned by each guild will be divided equally among guild members who participated in the event. You can use Loyalty Points to buy cool in-game items in the Hello Kitty Online Item Mall!

Thank you for your dedication and participation in this event for the benefit of the victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Good luck and enjoy Food for Friends 2!

The Hello Kitty Online team

Year Created: 1979

Marylou is a sweet and adorable little girl. She loves ribbons, especially the big bow on her back. She is always with the ribbon fairy or the tiny snow-white puppy.

This week’s featured video stars Sanrio’s darling, Hello Kitty (or as video maker sneekysnake describes her, the young and talented Hello Kitty)! Called “GO HELLO KITTY!!!“, the video is filled to the brim with Hello Kitty goodness. If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, be sure to watch this!

Be sure to check out the video at

A new game has  been launched in SanrioTown just for you! Called “Sanrio Bubbles II“, the game is quite unlike the first Sanrio Bubbles. Your objective is to keep the bubbles stay afloat as much as possible. Click to fire a bubble and move the cursor to aim. Watch out though, because colored balls get released from time to time, and they can burst and ricochet wildly to throw off your other bubbles! Create combinations to get higher scores and more time.

Play this and other Sanrio-themed games now by heading off to the SanrioTown Game Center.

We’ve got more Hello Kitty Online (HKO) players joining the roster of Blog All-Stars! This time, it’s astroasis, of “Astro’s Blog“!

Her blog is so much to read, largely because of the funny commentaries she makes of the screenshots she takes in-game. Add that with the fact that you get a virtual HKO fashion show (her screenshots show the wide variety of clothes you can have in-game), and you have a blog that’s definitely worth visiting again and again.

Get your first dose of Astro’s blog now by going to

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