In this special day, may we never forget the true meaning of Christmas: that of love, sharing, and peace. Happy holidays from us here in SanrioTown to all of you.

Our featured video this week mixes the best of both worlds: Christmas and SanrioTown!

Christmas cut-outs“, by snickersbar, almost seems like a homage to one of our special treats for you this holiday season: the Sanrio-themed Christmas decorations that you can make yourselves with your own hands! The video gives the viewers a sneak peek at the possible stuff you can download and create to Sanrio-fy your holidays.

Be sure to check the video out by going to

It’s the Holiday Season, and it appears that Rare Fruits have become quite the commodity.  Rare Fruits are, as the name implies, extremely rare.  With a little patience, you can harvest enough of what you need from the Mystery Seeds to finish your quests.   
Of course if you are in a hurry, there is a way to get these fruits quickly!  Rare Fruits can be purchased from the Dream Shop at a minimal cost.  Simply log into the game, click on the “Item Mall” button on the lower right side of your screen, and click on the “Functional Items” category.  Click on the yellow shopping cart to purchase the fruits, and click on “My Basket” to confirm your purchase.

Dream Shop

Once you have finished all the Holiday quests, you’ll be receiving some special Holiday-themed items for your farm so don’t miss out!  Good luck and happy farming!

Santa’s work was going smoothly and Mr. Jinch was having fun with all his pranks, but suddenly there was an unexpected turn of events in Hello Kitty Online!

Humbug, Mr. Jinch’s pet Beetil, has decided to cause some trouble of his own. The little bug has taken over the holidays by running across all the cities and stealing gifts and treats from everyone – including Santa and Mr. Jinch! These goodies were meant to be given to all adventurers, so go take them back to save the Holidays!

Where are they?

Humbug played around with Mr. Jinch’s secret stash of magic dust, and used it to steal Giant Gift Boxes, which are hidden and scattered in different maps. There’s only one way to make the Giant Gift Boxes reappear: gather together at the right time and place!

How do we get The Gift Boxes back?

Wait for the GM announcement on December 23, 2009 and head to Sanrio Harbour to help recover the Gift Boxes snatched by Humbug. You will all need to work together, regardless of  whether you’ve been helping Santa or Mr. Jinch!

Once enough of you gather at the right spot, Giant Gift Boxes will appear around the whole map. Scramble to find them, open them, and get the treats inside! Once you’re done with this, head off to the next location to reveal the next set of Giant Gift Boxes, and keep doing this until you’ve retrieved all the missing items. Follow the GM’s lead, and you’re sure to figure it out!

Remember, everyone must participate in order to reverse the magic – so as soon as you hear the GM announcement, rush to Sanrio Harbour without delay! Good luck adventurer!

The featured blogger this week says that her blog is about her thoughts and her gaming craziness, and how right she is!  txangelwolf’s blog isa filled with Hello Kitty Online (HKO) goodness, as her entries are practically blow-by-blow accounts of what she’s experienced in-game. These are definitely good reads, especially for fellow HKO fans.

Be sure to check out the blog at

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