Here are just some photos taken from the Hello Kitty fashion show. The event is held in conjunction with the Three Apples exhibit.


Original source and more photos from cuteandnast.

This energetic little bear loves sweet, romantic things, and she also adores adores balloons! Her favorite colors are pink and lavender.

For those who want to go to the Sanrio Cafe in Taiwan but haven’t been able to yet, be sad no more, for our featured video this week will give us a taste, if only virtually, of what we can expect from it!

Sweets for the Sophisticated“, by wyna, is definitely a treat for Hello Kitty and sweets lovers alike. Just a word of warning though, this isn’t something for people who are on a diet, because this video is enough to make you go hungry!

Be sure to check out the video by going to

Check out these artworks from just some of our ultra-talented players of Hello Kitty Online (HKO)!

Even our bloggers BunnyWinx and kurohiko have featured HKO artwork on deviantART!

Great job everyone!

A lot of our SanrioTown bloggers post about fun, cutesy stuff, and this week’s featured blog is no exception. Meet tsukihime, whose entries would be sure to delight Sanrio fans everywhere. “♫My Sonata♫” features a lot of adorable stuff, including items bearing Hello Kitty’s image! Other well-loved Sanrio characters can be seen here as well, along with a few other cute and interesting stuff out there.

Be sure to check the blog out by going to

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