Last Wednesday, November 4, 2009, all of the new players of Hello Kitty Online were invited to join the Tour Bus Guild for an exclusive tour of Sanrio Harbour and Florapolis.Once everyone was inside the guild, GM-Azrael broke the news that his friend GM-Galatea has gone missing.  He implored for their help to track her down. As soon as he yelled the name of the last player she was seen with, the hunt for the missing GM was on!

The lost GM-Galatea

Players rushed to the General Goods Merchant where the first out of six witnesses of the lost GM stood. They were asked to read and solve the clues, posted in the in-game blog feature, which will point to the location of the next witness.

Witness at the General Goods Merchant

The journey from one place to the other was the highlight of the event. Not only were players toured around the game but they also learned a lot of in-game features that only Hello Kitty Online offers.

Clues left on the SanrioTown Blogs

Everyone was successful in finding GM-Galatea! They were all rewarded with full set of equipment as a token of GM-Azrael’s gratitude for finding his missing friend.


Congratulations to all participants and we hope you enjoyed your trip with the Tour Bus Guide!

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