Blogging about your adventures in Hello Kitty Online is one of the many fun activities you can do in the game.  Did you know that you can post images of your farm and house directly into your SanrioTown blog?  Here’s how:Enter your farm or your house.

HKO Farm

Once you are inside your farm or house, open the mini-blog editor by pressing the “F9″ key on your keyboard.

HKO Mini-Blog Editor

Fill out the fields. After you are finished editing your blog post, click on the green check mark button.

Voila! You have now successfully posted a picture of your farm or house into your blog!

HKO Mini Blog Post

Go ahead!  Share your adventures in Hello Kitty Online with your family and friends through the SanrioTown blogs!

Even four days after the actual event, the Hello Kitty birthday celebrations just keep on coming! Aside from the greeting event, even Hello Kitty Online (HKO) has jumped in on the fun, and this week’s featured video highlights the fun events that happened in-game!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party“, by snickersbar, is a video showing the highlights of the birthday celebrations in HKO - including the parties! Words wouldn’t be enough to describe the in-game events, so be sure to check out the video at

If you can’t get enough of the minigames on Hello Kitty Online, here’s a game that’s just right for you! “Jungle Jumper” is the latest addition to the arsenal of flash games that you can play right here on SanrioTown. The object of the game is to help poor Treedrop, who got lost in the jungle, find his way back home. Direct his jumps using your mouse, and grab the grapes to get a whopping 10,000 points each!

You can play this and other fun games by logging in to SanrioTown. Don’t have one yet? Click here to register and get your free account now!

Thank you for the awesome birthday greetings you sent! Here are just a few of the lovely samples that you made.

There’s even a video by artsea!

And a treat for you: a special collage of just a few of the greetings you’ve sent!


Keep your eyes on Hello Kitty World to see your greeting featured!:D

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